Farrah Abraham Rumors: What Was The Real Reason She Was ‘Fired’ From ‘Teen Mom’?

Farrah Abraham has been making the Internet rumor rounds recently because of the rumors that she was “fired” from Teen Mom. Fans noticed that she wasn’t featured in the promotional video for the upcoming season of the show, which meant that the latest Farrah Abraham rumors circled around the fact that she’d been fired from the show that helped make her famous (and that she, in turn — in perhaps a meta way — helped make famous as well).

But is that really the whole story? Or is there more to it? Had she really been fired?

According to the latest Farrah Abraham rumors from CafeMom, fans began to get worried about the status of Farrah after it seemed she was “snubbed” by the trailer. However, as soon as the rumors began swirling around on the Internet, Farrah’s mother, Debra, took to her social media to clear them up.

Put simply; just because you didn’t see her, doesn’t mean she’s not working. It also means that this was a deliberate “snub” because of her fight with Amber, but Debra doesn’t want to get involved in any of that.

Meanwhile, according to the latest Farrah Abraham news from Radar Online, Farrah — who is currently at SXSW speaking on panels about “branding” — got cut from the trailer for one very important reason; the producers didn’t want her fight with Catelynn Lowell aired. Apparently, Farrah fights too much even for the Teen Mom producers!

“The brawl started when Abraham said Portwood’s fiancé Matt Baier looks like a pedophile, Portwood stormed the stage and slapped Abraham across the face, while Baier threw Abraham’s father Michael into the audience. After the fight, Portwood temporarily quit the show. Despite the drama, Abraham’s mother insisted they haven’t been cut from the series.”

It seems that Farrah could solve this problem by not fighting with everyone so much, but then again, it would be questionable if she’d have any reason to live if she stopped fighting with people.

And what was the point of saying that someone’s fiance looks like a “pedophile”? Was there any other reason for that except to cause an argument and possibly get kicked off the show?

If Farrah is, indeed, fired from the show, she won’t be unemployed for very long, lucky for her and us.

According to the latest Farrah Abraham rumors from Refinery29, she’s looking at adding another reality show to her already-sizable resume. The outlet reports that Farrah has already appeared on five different reality shows, and now, she’s looking to get on another one.

If she is, indeed, ultimately fired from Teen Mom, this may be the “exit” she needs to devote herself to the other show on a full-time basis. Or, perhaps these rumors about her being fired from Teen Mom were started by none other than Farrah herself to drum up interest in the new show.

“This time around it’s called Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition and won’t include just couples working out their issues but entire families. The Teen Mom OG star will appear on the show alongside her parents, Michael and Debra Abraham. Other reality stars looking to bring their families together for all the world to see are Kendra On Top’s Kendra Wilkinson, Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, and former football player and star of of VH1’s Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson.”

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