Chelsea Houska Explains ‘Teen Mom 2’ Scene, Calls Out MTV For Bad Editing?

Chelsea Houska and her Teen Mom 2 co-stars, including Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, and Jenelle Evans, have expressed their complaints about MTV in the past, and this week was no different.

Following Monday night’s new episode of Teen Mom 2 Season 7B, Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry took to their Twitter pages, where they both voiced their concerns about the network’s editing.

After being seen getting snarky with her mom, Chelsea Houska faced a backlash from fans who called her out for being short with her but feeling that her dad, Randy Houska, could do no wrong. In response, Houska explained that she was frustrated with her mom for talking about her daughter’s father, Adam Lind, in front of her.

“They left out the [conversation before] this where she kept talking about [Aubree’s] dad in front of her,” she explained.

Chelsea Houska also said that her mother was making her uncomfortable by talking about Aubree’s “new dad” Cole DeBoer, who she married in October of last year.

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“They left out the fact that [Lincoln] was going to another country too,” Kailyn Lowry wrote in response to Chelsea Houska’s complaint.

On March 15, the questions about the latest episode of Teen Mom 2 continued, and when a fan asked Chelsea Houska why she allowed her father to have access to her bank account, she set the record straight.

“Did anyone else find it odd that [Randy Houska] still has access to [Chelsea Houska]’s bankacct? Like girl: you’re married w 2 kids #growup,” a fan wrote.

“Well, yes it would be odd. That’s why he doesn’t have access to my bank account,” Chelsea Houska responded, adding that child support is “100% separate” — and that MTV needed her to call someone to get info for the show in order to make the scene.

Randy Houska also denied having access to his daughter’s bank account, explaining that he simply had access to a computer where he looked something up for her as she drove.

Chelsea Houska is married to Cole DeBoer, and the couple shares one son, Watson Cole DeBoer, who was born at the end of January. She also shares an older daughter, Aubree, with her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, who has been seen on numerous episodes of Teen Mom 2.

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Last year, as the sixth episode of Teen Mom 2 aired on MTV, Leah Messer blasted the network for her portrayal on the show and seemingly threatened to leave the series if they didn’t begin showing her story in a more positive light.

“It’s so sad how the person behind the editing can even live a happy life by editing to manipulate the audience watching. It makes me feel like my story just isn’t enough,” Leah Messer wrote to her fans and followers, according to a report by People Magazine at the time.

Leah Messer’s Twitter rant was prompted by a scene which featured her daughter yelling that she didn’t trust her after Messer failed to feed her and her twin sister before taking them to school.

“It hurts to feel betrayed by the ones I thought I could trust with my story. It goes to show you how ‘The Entertainment World’ really is,” Messer continued. “I hope to continue to share my story but I refuse to allow it to be twisted for the benefit of a network!”

Leah Messer was also seen allowing her 4-year-old to snack on packets of Sweet ‘N Low while chatting with a friend.

To see more of Chelsea Houska and her co-stars, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 7B on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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