‘Color Dip’ Nail Powder Trend: 21 Days Of ‘Red Carpet Manicure’ Acrylic Nails

Everything old is new again. At least that’s the theory when it comes to the hot new nail trend called “dip powder nails,” “color dip nails,” or “color dip manicure.” The first use of the hashtag #colordipnail on Instagram happened 138 weeks ago. Now, hashtags like #dippower have nearly 7,000 entries on Instagram. As reported by Glamour, any manicure like the “color dip” one that promises it can last more than two weeks definitely gets attention with beauty hounds.

The “dip powder nails” are ones that can be done from home, and last longer than a gel manicure, but can offer the same creative colors and shine of a gel manicure. The Red Carpet Manicure brand seems to be one of the first ones to market with their “Color Dip Starter Kit,” which retails for $34.99 as of this writing. The “dip powder nails” are being called the intersection of acrylic nails and a regular manicure, because they offer an acrylic-like hardness and finish that last longer than regularly painted nails that tend to chip as soon as they dry and a person washes a dish, pets their dog, or types a beauty review article.

No, these are so-called “diet acrylic” nails, according to celebrity manicurist Erica Marton. The “dip powder” nails don’t chip as easily, and they don’t require fashionistas to stick their nails beneath UV lights in order to cure or seal the nail color on their nails. Instead, the color in the “dip powder nails” is already in the pigmented powder that is sealed in using base coats, sealants, activators and top coats.

Along with the Red Carpet Manicure brand, there’s SNS, Revel (which shows how the perfect French manicure can be obtained using white dip powder) and Kiara Sky Nails. On their Instagram account, Kiara Sky Nails notes that their “Dip Powder Polish” was voted the top beauty product to try in 2017 by Insider. Calling the “dip powder nails” versatile and easy to accomplish, they also note that “dip powder nails” can be created either using the natural nails or atop nail tips, which gives people the choice of adding length or not. The “dip powder nails” offer all the styles of normal manicures, such as an ombré look, French tips, and nail art. The fact that the “color dip” or “dip powder nails” can last up to 21 days is what’s creating the most buzz.

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What’s in question is just how healthy “dip powder nails” are for the natural nail. Glamour reports that nail salons such as Vanity Projects and Van Court don’t use the process due to Vanity Projects’ Ariel Zuniga saying that some dip powders can be cheap products, many times containing MMD, a substance that Ariel says is harmful to natural nails and has been banned in New York City.

However, dip powders like the “Hollywood Hills” color from Red Carpet Manicure list polyethylmethacrylate, polymethyl methacrylate, and silica in their ingredients, not MMD. According to Beauty Web, MMA doesn’t have the best history in the beauty industry.

Ruth Kallens of Van Court called “dip powders” acrylic nails, something she doesn’t use because of the damage they can cause to the natural nail plate.

“Dip powders are acrylic. I don’t use acrylic because the removal process is so detrimental to your nail plate.”

dip powder nails
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Plenty of “dip powder nails” reviews and tutorials fill YouTube, with folks deciding that they either love the fact that they can dip their nails in colorful powders and end up with a gorgeous, long-lasting manicure, or those that say they won’t use it again.

Meanwhile, the Red Carpet Manicure line offers a variety of “Color Dip” nail powder colors, from purples to corals to reds.

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