Prince William Kate Middleton: No Truth To Affair, William Controversy A Fact?

Kate Middleton and Prince William are always the subjects of headlines due to their ongoing appearances as royals and efforts with various charity organizations. More so than not, Middleton makes news for her incredible fashion sense that has the masses envious as well as for her seemingly perfect parenting skills. It is rare that the headlines reveal an alleged scandal, however.

Recently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have become the subject of headlines claiming that Prince William jetted off on a ski holiday with his friends to Switzerland while Kate stayed home with their little ones, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

While there, the prince reportedly was spotted in the company of an Aussie model, and rumors have been swirling that the royal is having an affair, along with the possibility that Middleton is upset with her husband for being spotted at a club dancing with the beauty.

The affair claims are all too ridiculous and Gossip Cop has relayed the facts about the trip and the mystery model blonde. The gossip policing site first reveals the details shared in the tabloid that initially ran the affair story, Radar Online.

“CHEATING? Royal Scandal: Prince William Caught With Aussie Model In Switzerland,” RadarOnline blares in a headline, further asking, “Does Kate Middleton know?” The webloid asserts, “Prince William was spotted having a cozy lunch with a beautiful model on a ski trip in Switzerland this week.”

The tabloid goes on to insist that William skipped his royal duties that usual involve appearing at official Commonwealth Day services at Westminster Abbey to instead spend his time away from his wife and family, while in the company of the gorgeous blonde, Sophie Taylor. The story also made Middleton out to be the poor housewife left at home with the kids.

“Photos of the 34-year-old royal and Australian born Sophie Taylor hit headlines on Monday, revealing that Prince William had skipped out on official Commonwealth Day services with the rest of the royal family to spend time with the leggy blonde. The Duke of Cambridge’s wife, Kate Middleton, was reportedly left at home with the kids.”

Although Radar does admit that William and the model were not alone when they were spotted in one another’s proximity and that there was a large group of friends around, it goes on to claim that perhaps the stress caused by William’s behavior is what has caused Kate to become so skinny, stating “Maybe that’s why Kate Middleton has been looking so skinny these days!”

Additionally, the tabloid even admits that Taylor is in a relationship, yet carries on insisting there is something between her and the prince.

Although Prince William is not having an affair, it has been reported that his behavior this past week has not pleased Kate Middleton or likely the queen. Skipping the Commonwealth Day services is quite serious seeing as it is one of the most important in the royal calendar.

The fact that William skipped this service to go skiing with friends and then to be the subject of a viral video within which the prince is seen dancing in a nightclub while on the trip, has become very controversial. Kate Middleton has reportedly even been “less than pleased” when it comes to William’s behavior.

AOL notes details about the controversial antics of the future king who has only appeared at 13 royal engagements thus far in 2017 when the queen has appeared at 24 following a terrible illness.

“Duchess Kate ultimately opted out of the Commonwealth appearance, as well (for an unknown reason), leaving the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince Harry to attend. Kate was nowhere to be found on the Swiss excursion, either (hence it being referred to as a ‘lads trip’) — and now, a source is telling Vanity Fair that the duchess is “less than pleased” about William’s behavior.”

The video revealed William dancing and high-fiving model Sophie Taylor. It all seems like harmless fun, yet when you are in line for the throne and skip out on a very important service, rumors are going to fly. There have been allegations that William placed his hand on the waist of another mystery woman, yet no footage of this have surfaced.

[Featured Image by Andrew Matthews – WPA Pool/Getty Images]