‘Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Father Gabriel’s Evolution, Will He Have Comic Fate?

The Walking Dead has evolved several characters over the years. One of those is Father Gabriel Stokes, portrayed by Seth Gilliam. He has completely turned around, especially since Season 6. Now that the Season 7 finale is almost here, fans have to wonder if the evolution means that he might suffer the same fate as his character in Robert Kirkman’s comic books.

TWD spoilers are ahead. If you don’t want to know what could happen on the TV show or would rather not know the comic book storyline, then stop reading.

'Walking Dead' Spoilers: Father Gabriel's Evolution, Will He Have Comic Fate?
Will Father Gabriel die in 'The Walking Dead'? [Image by Gene Page/AMC]

When Father Gabriel Stokes first appeared on The Walking Dead, he was not the typical zombie apocalypse survivor. He was terrified and showed it. A coward and afraid to fight, even to save his own life, Gabriel mostly hid in his church. It was later revealed just how weak he was when he admitted to hiding inside while his congregation was eaten alive by walkers.

Once Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the others got to Alexandria, Father Gabriel told Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh) that the survivors couldn’t be trusted. This led to a lot of fans hating Seth Gilliam’s character. However, by the end of last season, he seemed to be improving. He took care of baby Judith and even helped kill the walkers in Alexandria.

In The Walking Dead Season 7, Father Gabriel has made even further improvement, as Skybound’s TWD website noted. Even though he was kidnapped by the Scavengers, he left clues so that Rick and the others could find him. Then, he held one of them by knifepoint and convinced Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) to listen to what Rick had to say. It was a bold move, especially for someone like Gabriel.

With so much transformation recently, TWD fans have to wonder if it means Father Gabriel will die soon. Characters dying after going through huge changes happens a lot on the show, although not all the time. Since the TV show is based on Robert Kirkman’s comic books, will he have the same fate? Will fans have to say goodbye to the zombie apocalyptic priest?

'Walking Dead' Spoilers: Father Gabriel's Evolution, Will He Have Comic Fate?
Father Gabriel dies in 'The Walking Dead' comics. [Image by Gene Page/AMC]

For those that have not read The Walking Dead comics, Gabriel survives the war against Negan and the Saviors. He actually didn’t participate that much in the battle and spent a lot of time at Hilltop Colony. However, the next fight involves the Whisperers and he asks to join the militia. He trains to kill walkers, not being told that he is actually being taught to kill human beings. Dwight (yes, the same one that is currently part of Team Negan on the television show) compliments Gabriel on his progress.

However, Father Gabriel dies in The Walking Dead comics after falling from a water tower. He spotted a huge group of the Whisperers coming toward Alexandria. The fall doesn’t kill him because he doesn’t make it to the ground. His foot gets caught and his ankle is snapped off. The Whisperers are approaching as Gabriel hangs upside down and Beta rips open his stomach and allows him to be eaten by walkers.

The television show doesn’t always follow the comics. However, it seems that Father Gabriel’s evolution might be a sign that his end could be coming. He has completely turned around. Instead of everyone hating Seth Gilliam’s character, there are people that are actually liking him now. He is also getting more storylines, whereas before plots didn’t really revolve around the character.

What do you think of Father Gabriel on The Walking Dead? Do you believe his evolution is a clue that he could die soon? If so, how do you predict Seth Gilliam’s character will exit?

[Featured Image by Gene Page/AMC]