Prince William And Kate’s Visit To Paris: An Embarrassing Last Resort

Prince William and Kate’s visit to Paris this week will serve as the UK’s last resort to maintain good relations with the Paris embassy ahead of Brexit. At the request of the British Foreign Office, the royal couple’s visit will be a good boost to strengthen partnership, albeit embarrassing as the Queen invokes article 50 authorizing the UK’s exit from the European Union and being known “into the world as a truly Global Britain.”

Prince William and Kate’s visit to Paris marks the prince’s first official visit to the city since his mother’s death in the French capital 20 years ago. Although melancholic, their itinerary for the two-day trip does not involve visiting the scene of the late Princess Diana of Wales at the Flame of Liberty tunnel.

Prince William embarrasses Kate publicly
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Prince William and Kate’s visit to Paris is an embarrassing move for the UK

The official tour will only have strengthening relations with Paris in mind. However, political analysts and critics alike are suspicious that this visit has a secret agenda: using the royal family as the last minute to maintain a longstanding partnership with the French capital after claims of the UK separating from the European Union.

Nevertheless, their tour comes months after Prince William and Prince Harry have been vocal about making a legacy for their mother by erecting a statue at Kensington Palace. Yet, the two-day trip of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge omits any commemoration of the People’s Princess and would only entail official affairs and purely diplomatic visits.


As quoted by Forbes, “The Cambridges are a powerful weapon in Britain’s diplomatic arsenal, and that along with their charm, glamour and immense global popularity…”

Therefore, it comes as a little surprise that the Foreign Affairs Office would use the powerful people as a means to promote Anglo-French relations ahead of the signing of article 50. An embarrassing last resort but could definitely help achieve their goal.

An article from newspaper Le Point read, “London has recruited the royal family in its diplomatic offensive to negotiate the best possible exit from the E.U. The British government certainly has the habit of using the Windsors’ assistance when the United Kingdom has problems to oil bilateral relations with other countries.”

Prince William embarrasses Kate publicly
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The two-day tour is purely diplomatic in its intentions

The official visit will begin on March 17 with their arrival via the Eurostar train to the Gare du Nord wherein the royal couple will be welcomed by President Françoise Hollande. Joining the president in meeting the royals are senior French politicians and young representatives from business and charity sectors, sports, fashion, and military award winners.


At an embassy organized by Ambassador Edward Llewellyn, the Cambridges will act as guests of honor in that formal black-tie dinner attended by renowned artists, volunteers, and businessmen. At this point, the project “Les Voisins” (The Neighbors) will be launched which aims to celebrate cultural affairs between the UK and France.

On Saturday, the royals would also have the opportunity to meet the victims of the terrorist attacks in Bataclan Theater and Nice. They will also visit the popular yet old Paris landmark Les Invalides which served as the home for retired war veterans. Furthermore, rescue workers and veterans of World War II will have an audience with the couple.

Prince William and Kate’s visit to Paris will close on Saturday afternoon by attending the Six Nations rugby international between France and Wales at the State de France. This will mark Prince William’s first official rendezvous as patron of the Welsh Rugby Federation after the Queen passed the role to him.

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