LG G6 To Come With TV: Yes, A TV And Google Home As Freebies For US Customers

The LG G6 might be lagging behind rivals such as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 in terms of its processor, but the South Korean tech giant is sparing no expense in its attempt to attract mobile users in the United States. As revealed by recent leaks, it appears that several U.S. carriers would be offering massive freebies for customers who would be opting for a 24- and 30-month contract with the LG G6.

Freebies with cellular contracts are usually pretty basic, but LG has opted to up the ante with regards to the free items that buyers of the G6 would enjoy. According to a PC Mag report, customers opting in for a contract with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint would be able to get a free Google Home upon signing in. Considering that Google Home is one of the most advanced voice-activated smart assistants currently in the market, this particular freebie to LG’s new flagship is indeed very attractive.

One of the LG G6’s most attractive features is its built-in Google Assistant, which gives the smartphone admirable A.I. capabilities. Together with Google Home, the LG G6 would be able to perform even more advanced functions for users of the device. Those who are interested in acquiring a free Google Home with the LG G6, however, are advised to sign up as soon as possible, as the offer only stands until April 30.


A free Google Home is not the only item that buyers of the LG G6 are getting, however. According to an Android Authority report, a recent leak featuring a sales brochure from Verizon revealed that the South Korean tech giant is also offering a free 43-inch smart TV upon signup with the cellular provider’s Unlimited plans. The LG Smart TV, valued at $349.99, is offered together with a Google Home unit, as well as $200 worth of trade-in credits.

Those interested in signing up for Verizon’s LG G6 offer are advised to claim their free 43-inch smart TV within 30 days of the smartphone’s initial activation. Considering that pre-orders for the LG G6 are highly speculated to begin on March 17 and its availability in U.S. stores is expected to be scheduled on April 7, interested buyers are advised to sign up for the device’s compelling offers starting Friday.

The pricing for the LG G6 varies depending on the selected U.S. cellular carrier. Verizon, for one, would be offering the flagship device at $28 per month on a 24-month contract, bringing the overall price of the device to $672. Considering that this cost also includes a Google Home and a 43-inch smart TV, the pricing for Verizon’s LG G6 deal is quite reasonable.


AT&T offers the LG G6 just $24 per month, though the cellular provider would require a 30-month contract with potential buyers of the device under the firm’s Next plan. The LG G6 is also available for $30 on a 24-month contract under AT&T’s Next Every Year plan. Both of AT&T’s LG G6 plans bring the device’s price to $720.

T-Mobile is also offering the LG G6 to its customers for $26 down and $26 a month under a 24-month contract. This brings the device’s cost to a rather reasonable $650. Sprint, on the other hand, is also offering the LG G6 for $29.50 per month under a 24-month contract, bringing the device’s total cost to $708.

The LG G6 is the South Korean tech giant’s first flagship for 2017. The handset is equipped with a 5.7-inch display and a unique 18:9 aspect ratio, 4GB of RAM, a dual-lens camera, wireless charging, and an aging Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC. The flagship smartphone is also waterproof and offers a rather robust 3200mAh battery.

[Featured Image by David Becker/Getty Images]