‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kyler Pettis Teases New Set – Theo In Trouble?

Days Of Our Lives actor Kyler Pettis recently shared a short video clip on social media. He teased a new set that indicates Theo Carver or someone else could be in trouble. Since the long-running series films several months in advance, viewers won’t see this set until fall 2017. However, it does suggest that the young man might be in for an interesting storyline.

DOOL spoilers and theories are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what could happen on the NBC soap opera.

'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Kyler Pettis Teases New Set - Theo In Trouble?
Kyler Pettis teases a padded cell is in Theo Carver's future on 'Days Of Our Lives' [Image by Chris Haston/NBC]

Theo Carver’s storylines are mainly about his relationship with Claire Brady (Olivia Rose Keegan). Right now there is tension because he remains close friends with Ciara Brady (Vivian Jovanni), who has feelings for the young man. However, in the next several months, it seems Kyler Pettis will be given a script that teases Theo might end up in danger.

On Instagram, the Days Of Our Lives actor posted a video clip showing a new set on the soap opera. It was only a few seconds, but Pettis showed himself standing inside a padded cell. It was not clear if he will be inside the room or if it is for another character. Since this scene is filming right now, fans won’t find out what is going on until fall 2017, when it airs on television.

“Theo’s getting tangled up in some interesting storylines.”

So, what exactly is going on? There are a few theories about this storyline. Could Theo get kidnapped and be held hostage by someone? It is easy to assume that it could be Claire. Right now, Olivia Rose Keegan’s character is doing everything she can to prevent Theo and Ciara from getting any closer than they already are. She is jealous and it is easy to see her becoming unstable in her quest to keep her boyfriend.

However, Serial Scoop interviewed Vivian Jovanni in December 2016, who announced she had already left Days Of Our Lives. That means she will not be seen on the screen after August 2017. She might even be gone earlier, depending on when she last filmed. Unfortunately, the actress did not reveal when her last air date is or the exact date she quit DOOL. It is not yet known if the soap opera is writing her out or if Ciara Brady will be recast. However, that doesn’t mean that Claire won’t have any trouble with Theo. Maybe he will break up with her, and it will send Claire over the edge?

'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Kyler Pettis Teases New Set - Theo In Trouble?
Theo Carver's padded cell probably won't have anything to do with Ciara Brady on 'DOOL' [Image by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Days Of Our Lives

Another theory is that it has to do with the DiMera family. He is Stefano’s (formerly the late Joseph Mascolo) grandson. Even though Chad (Billy Flynn) is trying to create a better public image of the DiMeras, there is a war going on between the Hernandez, Kiriakis, and DiMera families. With Vincent Irizarry out as Deimos on DOOL, it is unclear if Victor (John Aniston) will be seen more or not. Could this war get out of control or will things be settled in the next few months?

In the history of the DiMeras, they have used mind control, brainwashing, and have held people hostage for all kinds of reasons. At one point, Andre (Thaoo Penghlis) brainwashed Chad, but Abigail (formerly Kate Mansi, currently Marci Miller) brought him out of it. So, certain people, especially Andre, wouldn’t think twice about kidnapping another family member. Is this the case on Days Of Our Lives?

There is also a chance that it is some sort of retaliation because of Abe Carver (James Reynolds). He is currently the mayor of Salem and used to be on the police force. Could Abe do something to anger someone, who kidnaps Theo and holds him hostage?

A lot can change in six-eight months on a soap opera. Even though Theo is a good kid, events could change his character. Perhaps Theo is not the one in danger, but the person who will put someone else in a padded cell? Fans will have to wait until fall 2017 to find out what is going to happen with this new set.

What are your theories on the padded cell set Kyler Pettis shared? What is going to happen with Theo Carver on Days Of Our Lives?

[Featured Image by Chris Haston/NBC]