‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Was It Eugene Who Caused The Zombie Apocalypse?

Since he was introduced back in the fourth season of The Walking Dead, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) has been quite the enigma. Viewers know that he’s a smart guy, hinting at a possibly very specialized job before the zombie apocalypse, but he’s also kind of a clumsy oaf. He’s been both cowardly and heroic, but has mostly remained a mysterious figure that no one has yet fully puzzled out.

But in The Walking Dead Season 7, the character took a truly surprising shift, aligning himself with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors. Amazingly, the character TWD fans have frequently screamed at for being a coward is now a major threat to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his scattered crew.


But is there more to Eugene than this recent development? Could the character play a larger role in The Walking Dead than fans anticipate?

The Walking Dead spoilers indicate that it could soon be revealed that Eugene was involved in the mishap that led to the zombie apocalypse.

In a recent episode of The Walking Dead Season 7, Eugene resurrected his old story about being a scientist and working on the Human Genome Project. According to Eugene, his work prior to the zombie plague involved turning diseases into weapons for the military to use. This was the exact same narrative he used on Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Rosita (Christian Serratos) back in Season 5. However, in the same season, Eugene was forced to admit that he’s not a scientist and that he has no idea how to stop the plague.


Despite Eugene’s admission back in the fifth season of The Walking Dead, PopSugar theorizes that the character’s story may be true.

As fans can probably recall, Eugene has also said that he’s a very good liar. So did he lie to Abraham and the rest about his former career? And if so, why did he have to lie?

Possible spoilers indicate that Eugene may have actually been a scientist working on the Human Genome Project and on weaponizing diseases — just as he said. PopSugar pointed out that the guy’s story is too detailed for him to have just completely made everything up. Also, the series has repeatedly shown that he knows a lot about science and chemistry. Now, given that Eugene’s story is true, it may not be too farfetched to conclude that he was working on the virus that would lead to the zombie apocalypse and that he might have mistakenly released it.


As Fear the Walking Dead hinted in its first season, the virus might have spread via contaminated water. Did Eugene, who is often clumsy and uncoordinated, inadvertently release the virus into a water source? Maybe.

So why did he have to lie about being a scientist? Perhaps because back when he and the rest were headed to Washington D.C. to look for the cure, Eugene realized that letting his companions learn more about his work could lead to them figuring out that he was responsible for the zombie plague. That’s something that he would probably be better off never revealing to anyone.


On top of this possible revelation, The Walking Dead spoilers for the rest of Season 7 show that Eugene will be playing a major role in events to come. Uproxx suggests that Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) is headed for a brutal end in the season finale and that Eugene will have a hand in her downfall. The outlet predicted that Eugene will betray Sasha, who has acquired a sniper rifle and is out to kill Negan.

The Walking Dead spoilers reveal that Negan will still be around in Season 8, which can only mean that Sasha’s assassination plot will fail. And because Martin-Green will be playing the lead role in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery, Sasha will likely be killed off during the Season 7 finale.

The question now is whether Sasha is the only one to go or if Eugene will meet a brutal end as well. Will one of Sasha’s friends avenge her death? Or will Negan eliminate Eugene for being a traitorous coward?

Catch the next episode of The Walking Dead Season 7 on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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