‘Big Brother’ Season 19 Premiere Announced: ‘BB19’ Cast List Getting Worked On

Big Brother Season 19 now has a premiere date. Even though the BB19 cast list is still being constructed, CBS released some big news about the season premiere. Thursday (March 16) was a big day for the reality competition show, with host Julie Chen also revealing that the first Big Brother 19 casting call is taking place this weekend. A report from her Twitter page explained how fans could join in on the fun.

Later in the day, the Twitter feed for the show itself revealed when the Big Brother 19 season premiere is going to take place. Episode 19.1 will come to CBS on Wednesday, June 28, following the familiar pattern of showing episodes on back-to-back days. The first BB19 episode will be a two-hour event, serving as an introduction to the new houseguests as well as the new formatting for the competition.

The Big Brother 19 casting call suggests that this season the houseguests will all be new to the show. Prior BB19 rumors had suggested that this could be a cast of All-Stars, but no confirmation in that regard has been revealed by Julie Chen or show producers. In recent seasons, the program has had veteran players join a mostly new cast, using them like coaches in order to spice up the show.

Ratings have continued to be strong, with CBS already announcing that Big Brother 20 has been preapproved for 2018. CBS confirmed that in a report from August, along with sharing the news that an entirely online version of the show would take place in the fall. Called Big Brother: Over The Top by producers, all episodes were shown on the CBS All Access application. Viewers were also given control over selecting the winner.

Weekly Big Brother: Over The Top recaps allowed viewers to catch up on anything they may have missed and the online subscribers helped determine who won the cash prize. This was a departure from the way CBS episodes have worked in the past. During the BBOTT season finale, subscribers voted to award Morgan Willett with the $250,000 grand prize over Jason Roy and Kryssie Ridolfi. Jason Roy was a returning houseguest who had been in the Big Brother 17 cast. If a future season is comprised of All-Stars, Morgan Willett may make another appearance.

There are going to be a lot of Big Brother 19 rumors coming out over the next few months, likely also including what producers have decided the format will entail this summer. That’s typically a big component of the early advertisements, with host Julie Chen assuredly going to use her role on The Talk to promote the show some more. The first revelations of the BB19 cast may also come during one of those spring episodes of her show. Until then, fans may continue searching for Big Brother spoilers about the casting decisions.

As a reminder of who the Big Brother 18 winner was, returning houseguest Nicole Franzel beat Paul Abrahamian in the final vote 5-4. Nicole worked out the perfect alliances and was even in a showmance with fellow houseguest Corey Brooks. James Huling was the other member of the final three after Natalie Negrotti, Victor Arroyo, and Corey Brooks got voted out in successive eviction ceremonies. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brooks brought a lot of negative attention to the show, making comments on social media and inside the BB18 house that many people found homophobic.

Now that the Big Brother Season 19 premiere date has been announced, fans can mark it down on their calendars for summer viewing. Hints about potential BB19 spoilers keep finding their way onto social media as well, with the above list of the 25 most popular houseguests giving another suggestion about a possible All-Stars season. While fans debate about whether another season of All-Stars would be intriguing for viewers, producers are busy putting together the Big Brother 19 cast in anticipation of another summer packed with drama, competitions, and showmances.

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