'Wonder Woman' Stirs More Hate With Gal Gadot's Shaved Pits

Proving nothing slips past the trolls of the internet, the new Wonder Woman trailer has stirred a growing wave of resentment, and it seems everyone is polarized over this extremely vital aspect of Gal Gadot's character. The online community is divided over whether or not Diana Prince, raised on an island with an all-female society, would have been raised knowing to shave her armpits. Yes, the public is demanding that Gadot play Wonder Woman with naturally unshaven armpits. Adding to the sudden backlash over Wonder Woman's hygiene, Warner Bros. is also being criticized for photoshopping those same pits, making them almost glow white where black stubble should be seen.

The Big Wonder Woman Question: Does Gillette Deliver To Themyscira?

Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot
Should 'Wonder Woman' have hairy armpits, or was Gal Gadot right to shave? [Image by DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.]

Giving Wonder Woman her first big screen, live action adaptation has not been easy for Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, or for the actress responsible for bringing her to life and, as Revelist shares, yet another aspect of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman character is falling under close scrutiny. It seems many fans are terribly offended by the fact that Gadot has shaved her armpits for the new film.

One has to wonder why this wasn't an issue for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

At any rate, the question of whether Diana Prince would have been taught to shave on Themyscira is just one problem with Gal's smooth armpits. Critics on both sides of the argument are coming together to shower Warner Bros. with hate for photoshopping the already shaven armpits. When watching the trailer, Gadot raises her arms in a battle sequence and, for that shot, her armpits are digitally altered to eliminate all traces of body hair. Instead of the expected black stubble, a white glow can be seen in the area of Gal's armpit.

Everyone seems to be in agreement that Gal Gadot should be left unaltered in that scene.

Lynda Carter must be thanking the powers that be for no internet during the run of 1975's Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman Fans Speak Up About The Gal Gadot Armpit Controversy

Refinery 29 reports that the photoshopping of Gal Gadot's armpits for the Wonder Woman trailer was just one step too far with many fans sharing their objections on various social media platforms. As mentioned earlier, many suggested that Diana Prince would not know to shave her armpits in the first place, though, if that one aspect of personal hygiene were to be overlooked, could it be assumed that the women of Themyscira also don't have antiperspirant?

How far should Wonder Woman go for realism? Do Themyscirian women shave at all? Bathe? Have soap and shampoo?

Critics may not be thinking that far ahead yet, but they are calling for Gal Gadot to sport hairy, unaltered armpits, while dressed in her Wonder Woman outfit.

"wonder woman would prolly have armpit hair imo," tweeted GonjaGhost420.

"Controversial hot take: i wish #WonderWoman had visible armpit hair," wrote Paul Roth in another tweet. "She was raised on an island of women w/no schick advertisements!"

Other users cite Wonder Woman's demigod status to support the idea that she should have hairy armpits, suggesting that she would neither feel cold nor perspire.

On the opposite side of the fence, supporters of Gal Gadot's look suggest that, much like Batman and Superman, who regularly shave their beards, Diana Prince would want to comply with accepted hygiene standards. Wonder Woman fans have also suggested that everything else about the character suggests that she likes to look attractive, so shaving would be included in her daily preparations.

"Remember she wears very impractical heels just to look sexy and hot, so it makes sense she wants to look good as she kicks a--," writes Daring Leaf.

Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, and Robin Wright, opens in theaters on June 2.

[Featured Image by DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.]