Justin Bieber Polite And Respectful In Oz But Accused Of Being A ‘Shapeshifter’

Justin Bieber is making headlines in Australia, as he finished his “Purpose” tour. A couple of days back, he belted out hits from his latest album to 70,000 Beliebers at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney. His critics might describe his performance as being detached, but his fans certainly showed him love. In return, Justin declared thrice that it was “the best night of my life,” as he pumped up the crowd and encouraged them to “make some noise” and bounce.

According to News.com.au, Justin Bieber’s concert was massive. The show was full production, and there was nothing intimate about it. The show was fired up with lasers, pyros, and fantastic choreography. The crowd didn’t only consist of loyal little girls from Justin’s Baby days, who have now grown into young women; his crowd also had men in it. Thanks to Diplo, Skrillex, and DJ Martin Garrix, male EDM festival goers trooped to the “Purpose” stage.

Justin even invited his younger fans onstage during his Children song and introduced them to the crowd. This, after he made an attempt to a drum solo, which unfortunately, he should have left for the professionals to do.

Let's hug each other more

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Days ago, Justin urged his fans to “hug more” in a series of Instagram posts, where he can be seen welcoming fans into his open bear hugs. This is quite different from May last year when he said he felt like he was a “zoo animal” and declared that he was “done taking pictures” with people who met him in public. Moreover, he set his Instagram account to private after fans began to post harsh messages about his then-rumored girlfriend, Sofia Richie. Come November, while onstage during his concert in London, he declared that “Instagram is for the devil” and that he was sure “hell is Instagram.”

Meanwhile, model Sharah Fitzgerald partied with Justin Bieber on his $2,200-an-hour luxury party boat last week. Back in 2015, the mother of one had taken a dig at the Canadian singer’s manhood. According to the Daily Mail, the model had uploaded a photo of Mark Wahlberg and Justin, each in their Calvin Klein underpants for a fashion campaign.

Sharah captioned her photo, “#teamwahlberg all the way!! Bieber looks like he just left church stuck some transfer tats on to compensate his small d*** and glorious 12-year-old body.”

Justin Bieber was respectful in Australia, according to a model who attended his boat party.
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But two years later, Justin welcomed Sharah and her sister, Kaysha Louise, onboard his swanky vessel, together with other glamorous women. According to reports, Bieber “hand-picked twelve glamorous models” for the luxury cruise. Later on, Sharah confirmed attendance to Justin’s boat party.

“Honestly, he is humble and extremely respectful. The media hype is focused on a negative prospective,” she shared in a recent TMZ article. “Maybe he would just appreciate some privacy, like us all from time to time. After all, he is just like you and I.”

On the other hand, while Justin enjoyed some time out from his Australian tour, he hung out with pastor Carl Lentz and an unexpected friend—Patrick Schwarzenegger (yes, his father’s name is Arnold). The Terminator star’s son with Maria Shriver had joined Bieber for some basketball and drinks at the pub.

Justin and his friends headed to The Stoned Crow pub where its manager, Will Fournier, said that the Canadian singer arrived at “about 10 p.m.” and “stayed around till about 1 a.m.”

Fournier shared with the Daily Mail that he served Justin and his friends at the bar for a couple of rounds.

“He was really friendly and incredibly polite. Interacting with all staff and customers around him,” said the Stoned Crow pub manager. “As he was leaving, he thanked me for the evening, as did all his friends.”

Justin Bieber during his 2013 tour in Australia
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Delighted Aussie fans who sighted Justin and his posse at the Crowie were quick to take snaps and upload their photos of the night on Snapchat and Twitter. A fan tweeted, “One of those great unplanned nights that resulted in meeting at the Stoned Crow. Not a bad bloke.”

Despite all this, an Australian news website called Perth Now published a story alleging that Justin Bieber is a shape shifting “giant reptile”—specifically a lizard. According to Mashable, the news agency was even able to cite “witnesses” who saw Bieber shapeshifting into a reptile that had a “black stripe down the middle” and “big scaly claws” that “lash out angrily.”

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