Rumors Fly That Kelly Thiebaud And Bryan Craig Are Getting Married This Weekend

Kelly Thiebaud and Bryan Craig seemed like an amazing couple, but then the news came out that they were over. The two were both on the hit show, General Hospital. Now Celeb Dirty Laundry is sharing that there is a chance that Kelly and Bryan could be working out their relationship after all this time.


Back in January, the Inquisitr shared the news that Kelly and Bryan had allegedly called off their engagement. The couple was set to be married on March 18, 2017, which is just a couple of days away. The two stopped sharing things about each other on social networks, and it looked like it was over. There was a lot of speculation that they were over, but they avoided talking about it with fans at all. They spent new year’s apart, and just seemed to have moved on from each other.

Bryan and Kelly got engaged in June, 2015, while on vacation in Bali on their second anniversary. In May of 2016, Bryan shared when they would be getting married, and that date is almost here. The last time they shared a picture together was 27 weeks ago. Back in November, Kelly spent some time in L.A., but since then, it looks Kelly has been living in New York City, based on photos she has shared.


The two have been living across the country from each other, and Kelly Thiebaud isn’t wearing her engagement ring any longer. Now, Kelly is back in LA, and she is there right before the date they were supposed to get married. Kelly and Bryan had planned to tie the knot just two days from now. If they were to actually get married, that would shock fans, but they have been so quiet about their relationship that it could just happen. Fans are really wanting to know the details about these two, and what is going on with them now.

If you check out Bryan Craig on Twitter, he doesn’t have very many tweets. For some reason, they were all deleted, and he has no idea why. Kelly Thiebaud did post a very cryptic tweet today.

“And suddenly, we were strangers again.”

Fans wondered if she might have been talking about Bryan Craig; but, of course, Kelly isn’t replying and explaining her thoughts. Fans are hopeful that she will end up spilling the details.

Kelly also posted the above photo on her Instagram page, which made everyone curious, considering it says she is back. Nobody knows if this means that Kelly is living in California again, or if she is just back for a little while. Kelly does seem glad to be away from the snow in New York. Fans would love to hear the details, but these two don’t seem to want to share them. Everyone will have to wait and see if March 18 comes with a surprise wedding.

Do you think that Kelly Thiebaud and Bryan Craig are really getting married this weekend? Do you think that Kelly and Bryan are a great match? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of General Hospital, weekdays on ABC. Right now, Kelly Thiebaud and Bryan Craig are both off the show, but you never know who is going to show back up in Port Charles.

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