Godzilla Anime: Netflix Originals Schedule To Have Several New Exclusive Titles

Netflix Originals will soon start streaming Godzilla anime. Besides the first ever Japanese anime focused on the enormous creature terrorizing citizens, the digital streaming platform also announced a slew of exclusive anime titles.

Godzilla, the skyscraper-sized creature that terrorized Japan in over 60 movies, will soon appear in its own anime and be available for streaming, confirmed Netflix. A Toho theatrical release in Japan is scheduled to take place near the end of this month. A worldwide release is expected sometime after the film’s Japanese theatrical debut, which is set for March 26.

Netflix has confirmed that the Godzilla anime is the first ever high-quality animation of the iconic global monster franchise. The anime promises to offer an epic re-imagining of the Godzilla in the world of the future. To bring the larger-than-life creature to the anime format, Toho is working with leading Japanese anime studio Polygon Pictures. The company is famous for its works like Knights of Sidonia, Blame!, and many more. Incidentally, Knights of Sidonia premiered on Netflix in Western regions.

Interestingly, Godzilla has never appeared in anime format. The giant lizard-type creature with a penchant for terrorizing urban Japan, who most recently terrorized Western audiences in the 2014 live-action film of the same name, never starred in a a so-called “high quality” animated feature film. Despite appearing in 63 movies to date, and a 1978 animated series by Hanna-Barbera, this will be the first time Godzilla is starring in its own anime. It is very surprising for anime fans that grew up watching kaiju films, to have missed out on a Godzilla anime. However, experts point out that the creature carved a niche for itself, with surreal special effects like tiny models of cities that a man in a Godzilla suit could crush on-screen, that still manage to enthrall and entertain its diehard fans.


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Godzilla anime will be jointly directed by Kobun Shizuno and Hiroyuki Seshita, who have previously worked on Knights of Sidonia, the long-running Detective Conan and Blame!. Gen Urobuchi, of Psycho-Pass and Madoka Magika fame, is writing the script.

“We’re looking forward to bringing a spectacular entertainment experience for both existing fans of Godzilla and people new to the franchise,” said Godzilla director, Kobun Shibuno.

“I’m thrilled to collaborate with two very talented colleagues, Mr. Gen Urobuchi and Director Kobun Shizuno to bring to life a unique vision of a universal human drama set in an epic world,” director Hiroyuki Seshita added.

“I am very honored to join this Godzilla project as one of its Japanese creators. I’m grateful for all the support and really excited to bringing this content to fans worldwide,” screenplay writer Gen Urobuchi added.

Netflix has certainly stepped up its activities in the world of anime. The global streaming platform had indicated it wanted to expand its footprint in the rapidly-growing segment with a job-listing that called for a director of anime. Greg Peters, President, Netflix Japan said the following about the ambitious project.

“We are truly delighted to unveil Godzilla, which is the latest addition to our growing catalogue of Netflix original anime content. Working with the best creators such as Toho in bringing Godzilla to Netflix users in over 190 countries marks a major milestone for us.”

Besides Godzilla, Netflix Originals exclusive anime titles that will be available for streaming include AJIN: Demi-Human, Kuromukuro, Magi: Adventure of Sinbad, Blame!, Gantz: O, Little Witch Academia, Cyborg 009 Call of Justice, and Perfect Bones.

[Featured Image by Polygon Pictures/Godzilla Anime/Toho Animation]