‘Southern Charm’ Star Patricia Altschul Will Put Your Dog On Her Caftan

Southern Charm star Patricia Altschul wants you to get into one of her caftans, and she is now in business to put your dog’s face on a long, flowing garment that hides a multitude of sins. As the mama of the producer of Southern Charm, Patricia swoops in when the plebian’s start to drag the show down. Miss Patricia is combining her love of animals with her love of mumus and will personalize the garment with the face of your dog, cat, horse, or whatever. With Season 4 of Southern Charm just around the corner, we will likely hear less about caftans, and more about what she thinks of Kathryn.

Southern Charm’s Patricia Altschul is the self-appointed Miss Manners of her son Whitney Sudler-Smith’s friends. She has Whitney’s ear about finding a lady of proper breeding to give her some grandchildren, but in the mean time, she keeps company with her zoo in her Charleston estate. Also living en casa is her butler, Michael, who allegedly makes the perfect martini. Patricia Altschul comes to Charleston by way of Washington, D.C., and New York.

To hear her tell it, Southern Charm star Patricia Altschul came up with the idea to put dog faces all over a caftan with her friends while traveling, says Town & Country. Miss Patricia was traveling with her friend, Georgette, to India, when they met up with another friend, Sherina, for dinner. Sherina is from Mumbai and is Patsy’s go-to person for Indian dress wear.


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The ladies went to dinner, Patricia wearing a one-size-fits-all caftan covered with Staffordshire dogs — which was otherwise plain but cost her $3,000 — and so the conversation started about personalizing a caftan.

“‘Oh my god, but it doesn’t have a jeweled neck or anything,’ and I said, ‘I know, but it’s the only thing I’ve seen with dogs.’” Georgette said, “‘Wouldn’t it be fun to have your own dog on a caftan?’ and I said, ‘Well, that would be fantastic, but how do you do that?’”

Sherina said it would be easy, and the business was born, with caftans made in India from $299, with approximately a five-week turnaround. Southern Charm’s Patricia Altschul said she would have preferred to make it in the United States, but the cost would be three times higher, and American manufacturers “can’t match the quality of the fabric and the embellishments.”

The brilliant and beautiful @naomie_olindo with Gizmo (that is @colonel_gizmo to you) #southerncharm ????????

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The Southern Charm star posted a “coming soon” notice on her Instagram page to stir up interest for the comfy but shapeless garments that feature your dog’s face.

“The launch of our custom pet caftans is coming soon. To be the first to know, please sign up at http://patriciascouture.com to get special offers, news and events. Type it in URL bar don’t use Google. It will be Your pet silkscreened on the fabric not a generic brand. Monty the truffle hound is on mine and Georgette has her dog Guinevere????????”

As an aside, Patricia was asked who would get the Southern Charm best-dressed award, and hardly shocking, she gave it to her baby boy, Whitney, and Cameran.

“I think Cameran is. Cameran and Whitney. Cameran is lovely, she goes to New York and she also buys from Net-a-Porter. Whitney buys his clothes at Huntsman in London and he always looks kind of stuffy because he is dressed up in three-piece suits.”

But after all the pleasant talk, Southern Charm’s Miss Pat is willing to call a pig a pig when it comes to an entertaining disaster, i.e. Thomas Ravenel’s dinner party last season when he drove his guests out into the street, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“I’m calling it Armageddon!”

Patricia explained that something told her to decline Master Ravenel’s invitation to dine that evening.

“You know, I just had an inkling that all hell was going to break loose, and I was right. I was invited to that dinner party, and I knew that with the assembled group, nothing good was going to come out of that dinner party.”

Patricia says that she was shocked that it didn’t become a matter for the police.

“I mean, it was incendiary. I’m surprised the police weren’t called. That’s my reaction to it … I think he chased them down the street in the golf cart, and golf carts can only go so fast. I think it was pretty scary.”

Southern Charm’s Cameran explained that Thomas Ravenel had just snapped.

“I don’t know if [Thomas] was having a [psychotic] break or what. It was shocking, to say the least.”

Southern Charm Season 4 debuts on April 3, 2017.

Would you buy a Southern Charm Patricia Altschul caftan with your dog’s face on it?

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