Jealous Jennifer Lamb Makes Fun Of Mama June, Sabotages Honey Boo Boo’s Diet

Mama June Shannon has managed to turn her life around and drastically reduce her waistline, helping Mama June: From Not To Hot on WE tv to be one of the hottest new reality shows on TV. However, success and good looks usually result in jealousy from others and in this case, it looks like Sugar Bear’s soon-to-be wife Jennifer Lamb is the jealous one based on some recent comments she made about Mama June. Lamb has also been accused recently of undermining the famous TV mom and sabotaging her daughter Alannah’s good eating and it’s about to cause a whole lot of drama.

It’s no secret that Sugar Bear has a wedding coming up to a woman named Jennifer Lamb. That was part of the motivation behind Mama June’s incredible weight loss and now she wants to make sure everyone sees her at that wedding looking fabulous. Well, Mama June’s success seems to have upset Sugar Bear’s fiance and the two women certainly don’t get along with each other.

I can’t believe Mama June’s transformation????????????

— ㅤ (@l0veshan) March 9, 2017

Jennifer Lamb has been making cutting remarks about Mama June Shannon in front of Honey Boo Boo according to a recent report from People. In a recent clip promoting the upcoming episode of Mama June: From Not To Hot, Jennifer can be heard talking about Honey Boo Boo’s mom in front of her. She said, “She looked sick, She looked better with some meat on her bones than what she looked like now. She looks like a toothpick walking with clothes.”

It goes without saying that neither Jennifer Lamb nor Honey Boo Boo’s dad Sugar Bear, whose real name is Mike Thompson, should be talking negatively about Mama June in front of her child. It looks like the sabotage doesn’t end there, either. The soon-to-be Mrs. Sugar Bear is also sabotaging Honey Boo Boo’s diet.

It was also revealed that Mama June’s trainer, Kenya Crook, has been working to help the whole family learn healthier eating habits and recently rid their house of junk food. Not only will that help keep Mama June on the right track but it will also force her daughters to eat better, healthier meals and snacks, but that isn’t the case when Alannah “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson heads to her dad’s house.

“This child is not getting what she might want to eat. I think that it’s important to have the things that a child needs,” Jennifer says while pushing Honey Boo Boo to put potato chips on her sandwich. “She’s a growing little lady, so we got to feed her.”

Of course, Honey Boo Boo is pretty cool with the arrangement and looks forward to trips to her dad’s house. Not only does she want to see her dad but she also loves that Jennifer Lamb lets her eat all the junk food that has recently been cleared out of the house.

There is another question that comes to mind as far as Honey Boo Boo heading to her dad’s house for visits is concerned. Just last week, the Domenick Nati Show interviewed Mama June, according to the Inquisitr, and in that interview, Mama June claimed that Sugar Bear wasn’t coming around at all anymore and his phone calls to his daughter were becoming few and far between. That makes fans wonder how long ago these scenes were filmed that show Honey Boo Boo staying with her dad

Do you think Sugar Bear’s fiance Jennifer Lamb is jealous of Mama June’s weight loss and is trying to sabotage the reality star and her family? Sound off in the comments section below.

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