‘Beauty And The Beast’ After-Credits Scene: Should You Stay Until The Very End?

Does Beauty and the Beast have an after-credits scene, one that will keep viewers in their seats until the very end?

The remake of the Disney classic is hitting theaters this weekend, and the film is expected to have a box-office debut that will rival summer blockbusters. But with a fairly hefty running time of two hours and 10 minutes — especially long for a family movie — viewers will want to know ahead of time whether they can leave for the exits early or if Beauty and the Beast has an after-credits scene to keep them put a little longer.

For those who aren’t up to date with latest movie trends, the after-credits scene is a short scene that plays only after all the credits have stopped rolling at the very end. It’s something of a reward for moviegoers willing to stay in their seats until the very end and usually has one final joke (in comedies) or an introduction of a new character (for movies in a series, like the Marvel superhero films).

Disney is actually one of the most common studios for after-credits scenes, with many of the animated movies containing an after-credits scene and the Marvel series even creating their own format of two separate scenes, one during the credits and another afterward.

So, does Beauty and the Beast have an after-credits scene?

Warning: Potential Beauty and the Beast spoilers ahead.

The answer is no, though there is at least one bit to keep viewers in their seats. Beauty and the Beast doesn’t have an after-credits scene, the website Media Stinger reported, but does have a bit extra during the credits.

“The actors are shown with their respective roles during the credits of Beauty and the Beast,” the report noted.

As Deadline noted, there is a potentially huge audience for Beauty and the Beast in its opening weekend. Anticipation has been building for the live-action remake of the 1991 classic, and it is expected to soar past $100 million in is opening weekend alone.

“As of this morning, the anticipated opening for Disney’s live-action take of Beauty and the Beast is looking absolutely gorgeous with tracking easily indicating a three-day weekend of $100M when it twirls into theaters on March 17 with projections from various sources busting past $120M,” the report noted.

The report added that the recent wave of live-action Disney movies have shown to be both popular with moviegoers and lucrative at the box office.

“Arguably, Disney began rebooting live action fairy tales in its canon with Alice in Wonderland which opened to $116.1M in March 2010 (and finaled at $334.1M). That Tim Burton directed movie now stands as March’s third highest opening of all-time and it wouldn’t be a surprise if Beauty and the Beast beat it. Among all movies, Warner Bros.’ Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice holds the opening record for March at $166M.”

That total could be helped by the major marketing push from Disney, which has included plenty of appearances from stars Josh Gad and Emma Watson. It has also gotten some good early reviews, pushing anticipation even higher.

So while Beauty and the Beast doesn’t have an after-credits scene to reward dedicated viewers, there is at least one advantage — after a long two hours and 10 minutes in their seats, families can get the kids moving and to the exits (or the bathroom) a little sooner.

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