March 16, 2017
WWE News: Reason Why Finn Balor Hasn't Returned to WWE Television Revealed

The WWE Universe is anxiously waiting for Finn Balor's WWE return, but there is a specific reason why his return to Raw has been delayed for so long. For awhile, it did not seem like he would be cleared to return to WWE before Wrestlemania 33. Many people were hopeful that Finn would be able to pick up right where he left off after WWE Summerslam, but it's being reported Balor may not return until after Wrestlemania 33.

Although the WWE Universe doesn't want to see Finn Balor miss Wrestlemania, many experts think it could be a good thing for him to be kept off the show. With only two weeks left until the grandest stage of them all, WWE officials forcing Balor into a feud just to get him on the card may be a bad idea. Anyway, he could make his return during another match or as a participant in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

WWE officials do have some creative plans ready for him. Balor renewing his feud with Samoa Joe has been rumored for Orlando. If Seth Rollins isn't medically cleared to return for his match with Triple H, it's being said that Balor will replace him. The WWE Universe would like to think that the powers that be have a huge match planned for him in Orlando, but the reason why Balor hasn't return to television is they have nothing.

Finn Balor will Return From His Shoulder Injury in Two Weeks
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Last week, Finn Balor made his return to the ring during a WWE live event in Buffalo. He was featured in a six man tag team match with Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn against the team of HHH, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens. He's been cleared to return, but WWE officials are still keeping him off WWE television. Finn Balor was also behind the scenes during this week's edition of Raw in Detroit, but he didn't appear on the show.

According to a new report, the reason why WWE officials are delaying his return to WWE television is they don't have anything specific planned for him to do at Wrestlemania. Yes, a match with Samoa Joe has been discussed and he's waiting in the wings for Seth Rollins injury status. However, WWE officials don't want to derail his return, which is stopping them from locking anything for Finn Balor on the Wrestlemania card.

Before his injury, WWE officials were giving him a huge push heading into WWE Summerslam. He became the first WWE Universal Champion and would likely still be holding the title if he wasn't injured. Obviously, WWE still has big plans for Balor to be a top face for WWE, so they are not going to ruin his momentum by having him return before Wrestlemania 33 and then force a match for the sake of having him on the card.

Finn Balor May Not Return to WWE Television Until After Wrestlemania
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WWE officials are thinking logically about how to bring Finn Balor back to WWE television, but it's just bad timing with the grandest stage of them all being only two weeks away. If Balor misses Wrestlemania 33, he's almost guaranteed to return to Raw the night after. It's been rumored that WWE could move Balor to SmackDown, so the WWE Universe should keep a sharp eye out on Tuesday nights for Finn Balor's return.

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal could be the best option for him to have a massive return on the grandest stage of them all in Orlando. After so much speculation and time, Balor returning as "The Demon" on WWE's biggest platform could be the plan. It would be one of the biggest moments of the night, and he may even win the match. Eventually, WWE officials will figure out the best way to bring Finn Balor back.

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