Donald Trump’s Hands Really Are As Small As McDonald’s Twitter Claims

The world has heard a lot about the size of Donald Trump’s hands since the presidential campaign began, but now it has reportedly been confirmed that they really are as small as McDonald’s Twitter account claimed. If you are unfamiliar with the story, the official McDonald’s Twitter account put the POTUS on blast, albeit briefly, for his “tiny” hand size early Thursday.

As the Guardian reports, McDonald’s would later claim that their official Twitter account had been “compromised,” resulting in the tweet about Trump’s tiny hands. A tweet that would remain live (and even pinned) for 15 full minutes before being pulled. Well long enough to go viral.

Now, a supposedly accurate outline of Trump’s hands has been created, and it reportedly confirms what McDonald’s Twitter account claimed – that Donald Trump’s hands are on the petite side. An image from Scribed, provided by The Hollywood Reporter and allegedly based on a bronzed Trump hand-print residing at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York claims to show the true size of the POTUS’s hand.

It also clearly shows the scale of the allegedly tiny Trump hand, with a conveniently placed measuring tool included for comparison purposes. A printable version of the tiny Trump hand alluded to by McDonald’s, and their rogue tweet can be found here.

Somewhat ironically, billionaire Donald Trump is a well-known fan of McDonald’s food, having had his photo snapped several times dining on the fast food fare while on his private jet.

Already, social media users are comparing their own hands to scaled versions of the Donald Trump’s hands (or hand, which has been on display at New York’s Madame Tussauds since 1997), and the result appear to confirm what has been previously alleged. Namely, that Donald Trump’s hands are a wee bit small.

In fact, one Twitter user claims that he’s found the proof simply by measuring up the image of Trump’s hand with the known average hand size of comparable adult males.

As CBS Detroit reports, despite the claims from McDonald’s that the Donald Trump tiny hands tweet was the result of a “compromised” official Twitter account, some supporters of the POTUS aren’t satisfied. In fact, some Trump-loving social media users quickly responded to the tiny hands tweet with threats and calls to boycott the fast food giant.

Some tweeters got fairly creative with their angry responses.

McDonald’s initially didn’t say much about the tweet that called Donald Trump’s hands ‘tiny’ and the POTUS himself ‘disgusting.’ However, after realizing that their deleted tweet was being widely circulated, they told the world that that they were investigating how such a thing could have happened.

While some were complaining about the tiny hands Trump tweet, others were conducting an investigation of their own. Namely, whether Donald Trump’s hands are actually as small as has been systematically alleged.

Ironically, some folks on social media had already begun mocking the size Trump’s hands just hours before the McDonald’s Twitter account was inexplicably compromise. One creative social media user questioned if Donald Trump’s recent beef with rapper Snoop Dogg (who recently mock assassinated a Trump clown in a music video) could be hand-related.

While the answer to that question remains a mystery, it doesn’t look like the Twitter attack on Trump’s hands is going to be forgotten any time soon.

What do you think? Do you believe that the McDonald’s account was “compromised” before the Trump hands tweet? What about the Trump hand size chart? Do you buy it? Could it be the definitive proof that America has been waiting for about Donald Trump’s tiny hands?

[Featured Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]