‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Will ‘Japril The Sequel’ Set A Reunion?

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers are here, and to the delight of some Grey’s fans, the upcoming episode will be Jackson- and April-centric. If you’ve been watching the series, you know sometimes Shonda Rhimes like to do themed episodes (or bottled episodes) to focus on a particular character’s point of view or arc, since the cast is so enormous.

Last year Grey’s Anatomy decided to air their first couple-centric episode, Japril. It was such an event that they called it “Japril The Movie.” The episode was so well received that Grey’s writers decided to make a sequel for the current season. The first Jackson and April reveal was a full hour about the history of their relationship.

Fans were able to see what their friendship blossomed into before they stepped foot into the old hallways of Seattle Grace hospital. Now that viewers know their past and present journeys that brought them together — and ultimately split them apart — what can fans expect for the sequel?

According to Grey’s Anatomy spoilers from TV Line, actress Sarah Drew revealed that April does something huge for Jackson “out of love.” The two embark on a work-related trip to Montana, and it’s there that Jackson reunites with his long lost father. He’s in a bit of a predicament these days.

In the last episode, fans saw him rage against his mother for taking the hospital’s resident program away from his stepfather Dr. Webber. He very rarely agrees with his mother despite the huge legacy their last name carries in the medical world. It was hinted that Jackson’s fury at his mother, and his reluctance to connect, has more to do with the absence of his father, with whom he might share more in common.

On the other side of his storyline is his relationship with April. According to Grey’s Anatomy spoilers, this trip to Montana might change things for the couple. As Grey’s Anatomy fans know, Jackson has been trying to successfully co-parent, but the two had a huge setback when April put her career first by accepting a temporary position as head of General Surgery. For a while, it looked like the two were going to reconcile, but since Jackson sees her move as an ultimate betrayal in solidarity for Dr. Webber, the two have been fighting for weeks.

According to Sarah Drew, when she learns Jackson has found his estranged father, things shift.

“She realizes from the beginning that something’s going on with him. He’s unusually cross with her — even in terms of their working relationship. So when she discovers that [the reason] is his father, it kind of opens up a world for her of, ‘Now everything makes sense’ — his attitude, his shortness, his shutting her out.”

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers hint that this might give April a whole new perspective on Jackson and the struggles that he’s been battling internally for a while.

Drew said of the development, “This is a very deep and intense situation. It gives her more empathy and patience towards him.”

In fact, once April finds out why they’re really there, she insists that Jackson should seek his father out. Grey’s Anatomy fans might be surprised as it doesn’t look like she’s going to be a meddler. Instead, she’s going to take an alternative route and tell him that he can’t do his job until he gets his head back on right.

Of the moment, Drew said, “I think [she does it] totally out of love, but she’s not going to let on that it is, because… that’s exactly what he needs to hear in that moment. She’s so firm and so strong. She’s really being a rock for him.”

Grey’s Anatomy fans, what do you think of the recent spoilers? Will Japril get back together? Will this trip bring them closer together and drive them further away from each other?

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