Kate Middleton Reportedly Unhappy With William’s Antics But Won’t Cancel Paris

Royal watch sources claim that the Duchess of Cambridge isn’t pleased that Prince William has been filmed partying during a boys-only skiing trip in Verbier, but despite this, they will put on a united front for a French diplomatic visit.

The video shows the 34-year-old singing and dancing at the Farinet nightclub. At one point, he is seen putting his hand on a woman’s waist. She is believed to be Australian model Sophie Taylor. Her mother, Joni, said that it was an innocent encounter and that Sophie, who has a boyfriend, is a “girl on integrity” who would never put William in an “awkward position.”

A few hours before William hit the Swiss slopes with his pals, senior members of the royal family attended a Commonwealth Day service. Some raised brows when he opted not to join the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince Harry.

Prince Harry Commonwealth Day

According to Vanity Fair, it was William’s decision to not attend the royal affair.

“It was William’s choice to go away, but make no mistake Kate wears the trousers in their marriage, and she won’t be happy with William’s antics. She thought his partying days and larking around with the boys was a thing of the past. I imagine she’ll find this humiliating and William will have come in for a pasting.”

Nonetheless, William and Kate will travel to Paris on Friday. It will be the first time William will step foot in the city where the car accident that took Diana’s life happened.

It isn’t known yet if the couple will visit the Flame of Liberty, a spot which Diana’s fans consider significant because it serves as the entrance to the tunnel where the crash took place.

Former royal butler Paul Burrell claimed that Kate has a far easier life because of Princess Diana’s boldness to break the rules when she was still alive. Paul, who worked for the Princess of Wales until her death in August 1997, recalled her sacrifices to the Mirror.

“Diana broke the mould. She did it for the daughter-in-law she would never meet. She changed the rules. So Kate has a lot to be thankful for, because Diana did it for her. It gives Kate a safer passage. It gives her an easier life. If only Diana could have had that.”

He further said that “Kate has it much easier” and that it’s a shame people back then did not “protect” and “nurture” Diana. While Paul wants to meet Kate in person and possibly help her in her duties, he thinks the Duke of Cambridge might not fancy the idea.

Kate Middleton and Prince William attends BAFTA

Paul has been criticized by some for using his royal connection for personal gains. Earlier this month, he showed Queen Elizabeth II’s peculiar eating habits on the television program Through the Keyhole.

In 2004, he also appeared on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. This was followed by a stint on Celebrity Big Brother in 2015. He similarly released several books chronicling his time with Diana.

It isn’t rare to see former employees of the royal family coming out to shed light on what is life behind the palace’s closed doors. Last year, a former bodyguard revealed that Prince Harry was the staff favorite because of his humor.

The royal family chooses not to react to the statements made about them. William and Kate are busy preparing for their Kensington Palace move this fall. After residing for years in Norfolk, the couple decided to relocate to support George. He will reportedly attend the prestigious Wetherby School just like William, Harry, and Charles.

The Daily Mail reports that Historic Royal Palaces have proposed the construction of a three-storey underground extension. The project is reportedly meant to pave way for the “accommodation of administration which must necessarily be moved out of rooms leased from the Royal Household in Kensington Palace.”

The extension, which is typically called “iceberg basement,” will give the royal family more space. While the extension is technically underground, there will be an abundance of light wells. The extension is also connected to the 22 rooms that William and Kate will have in their Kensington apartment.

According to the website, iceberg basements are becoming popular especially among the affluent families of London who are finding it difficult to acquire additional square footage because of land scarcity as well as stringent building codes. However, some object to these types of constructions believing that they are highly disruptive.

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