Michael Jackson: Child Molestation Claims Allegedly Shortened The Singer’s Life

Michael Jackson’s life was shortened due to the devastation caused by child molestation claims, according to Thomas Mesereau, the singer’s former attorney. The lawyer served as Jackson’s criminal defense counsel during the star’s trial in 2005.

Mesereau maintains that being accused of sexually molesting two young boys was worse than being accused of murder for Michael Jackson, according to the New York Post. The attorney had this to say about the impact of Jackson’s legal woes:

“To be called a pedophile is worse than being called a murderer. I know what these false charges did to him. In my opinion, they shortened his life.”

Michael Jackson’s former attorney also expressed his support from Randall Sullivan’s new biography about the superstar, according to Radar Online. Sullivan also defends Jackson’s character in Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson. Thomas Mesereau had this to say about the book detailing the life of his friend and former client:

“The greatest benefit to come out of this book is Mr. Sullivan’s objective conclusion that Michael Jackson was not a child molester.”

In Sullivan’s book, the author claims that it was impossible for the King of Pop to have been a child molester because the 50-year-old man had resisted sex his entire life and he died a still a virgin.

An excerpt from Untouchable reads:

“It was understood that Michael Jackson sought the company of prepubescent males because he yearned to be one himself. He wasn’t trying to be heterosexual or homosexual or even asexual, but rather presexual.”

The 62-year-old attorney reportedly wanted to write a book about Jacko, but stated that he felt publishers were not interested in chapters written about why Jackson was innocent. Mesereau also notes that he found his conclusion about the supposed desires of book publishers “disturbing.”