Is April The Giraffe’s Pregnancy Just The Greatest April Fools’ Day Joke Ever?

For weeks and months, countless people have been sitting at their computers throughout the day and into the wee hours of the night to watch a giraffe give birth. Yes, many have been waiting to see when April the giraffe will give birth to her baby at Animal Adventure Park in New York, but it continuously doesn’t happen. Well, what if it never happens and that this is one of the greatest April Fool’s Day jokes of all time?

It has actually been more than a month since the live camera was trained on April as she lays in, walks around in, and sleeps in her pen at the New York park. Her original due date was some time back in mid-February, and experts say she is very close, but they’ve been saying that for weeks.

Now, there are those thinking that the giraffe really isn’t pregnant at all and that she won’t give birth to a calf at all. Those such as More With Four Blog believe that this is really just setting things up for one of the biggest and best April Fools’ Day pranks ever.

Millions of people have been watching the live cam to witness the birth of April’s baby giraffe, and on many occasions, it has been said that she’s very close. Yet, the next day and the next, people are still watching the camera to see if her restlessness and bloating means that the little giraffe is coming soon.

But still, is it all a joke?

WYRK is reporting how this video has been the “most viewed” of anything else in the past few weeks, and some people have become obsessed with it. Rob Banks of WYRK believes that it is hard to think experts can be off by “that much” when estimating her due date, and all this is setting it up for something more.

If this is all an April Fools’ Day joke, some may look at it and consider it to be a mean one. People have spent countless hours watching this video, and they could look at it as “wasted time,” but is it really?

TMZ is reporting that there was once a sponsor for the live stream of April’s pregnancy and soon-to-be birth of a new calf. Now, the live cam has had 80 million viewers and two billion viewed minutes, but its sponsorship has run out due to the delays in the birth.

Animal Adventure Park in New York is looking for a new sponsor to pay a good deal of money to have their logo on the feed which is viewed by millions each day. The sponsorship will be on the live stream which will continue through the rest of the pregnancy and up until the baby giraffe is five days old.

One-third of the profits will go to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation while the other two-thirds will take care of April, her new baby, and other animals in the park. You can’t say that isn’t a good cause, even if this does all end up being a big baby prank.

Again, though, is this all a joke?

If this does turn out to be a ruse, it would be an overly clever one on the part of Animal Adventure Park. A lot of work would have to go into an April Fools’ Day joke like this, but the payoff for the attention and financial care of numerous animals would really end up working out in the end.

According to Forbes, watching April the giraffe on a daily basis may actually bring about some relaxation and even relieve anxiety for viewers. It can be seen as “virtual animal therapy” and joke or not, it is truly helping a lot of people.

The more time that passes by, though, the more people that will start thinking this is all a joke and you have to admit that her name is quite fitting.

At this time, there is really no reason to not believe that April the giraffe isn’t pregnant and won’t give birth to her calf soon. Animal Adventure Park and its experts are really the only ones who know the truth and maybe, they’re simply sharing this great occurrence with the world. The park in New York is being quite charitable in all of this, and the care of animals is no joke, but one has to consider that in just about two weeks, someone may come on camera and say “April Fools!”

[Featured Image by Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images]