‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis Frets, Lulu Battles, And Jake Causes Concern

General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty of action on the way with Thursday’s episode. Julian is missing, and fans some worry he may be dead while Sonny took Olivia to the police station rather than immediately kill her. Lulu and Valentin are still battling for custody of Charlotte, and Elizabeth and Franco are growing concerned again about Jake. What do General Hospital spoilers reveal about what’s coming up during the March 16 show?

Lulu and Valentin have been battling over Charlotte in court, and a decision should be coming soon. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps hint that Lulu and Dante are about to face an obstacle over this, but she will tell Laura and Dante that Charlotte is her daughter and belongs with her no matter what.

Valentin will be talking with his lawyer Nora, who insists that they have nothing to worry about. Charlotte is stuck in the middle of all of this, but Nina will be talking with her and working to reassure the little girl that no matter what happens with the case, she’ll never stop loving her. General Hospital spoilers note that Laura will cross paths with Valentin during this episode and she’ll be issuing him a warning. Which side will win custody of Charlotte?

What will Elizabeth learn as she digs into Jake's past on 'GH'? [Image by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images]

Questions still remain about Jake’s missing years when he was with Helena, and this storyline is back in play again. Elizabeth is becoming worried again about Jake, and General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll open up to Griffin about how hard it is to not be able to help one’s child. Franco and Jake will be doing some pretend sword fighting, and teasers note that Franco will end up feeling concerned over something that comes up during a therapy session.

Soap Central reveals that Franco and Elizabeth will share similar concerns about what’s going on, and General Hospital spoilers tease that some juicy things are on the way in regards to Jake’s past. Also coming up during Thursday’s episode, Elizabeth will visit Sam and seemingly give her a very touching and meaningful gift. These two have certainly had their differences in the past, but it looks like they may be working on putting their differences behind them.

Julian has gone missing after his confrontation with Olivia, and Alexis is worried about him despite their estrangement. An investigation at the scene of the incident revealed some signs that Julian had been gravely injured, but no body was found. Will Julian end up presumed dead just like what General Hospital did with both Nikolas Cassadine and Morgan Corinthos this past year? Fans surely will not be happy if that is the case, but spoilers hint that he will be back and looking to shake things up again relatively soon.

Alexis will be quite emotional over her estranged husband this week on 'GH' [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

While Julian remains missing, Alexis will reflect on their years together, and General Hospital spoilers share that she will decide that she is ready to learn the truth. She will talk with Sam about the situation, seemingly getting upset when Sam speaks poorly of her father, and it seems likely that Alexis will open the safety deposit box that Julian told her about and she’ll get emotional as she looks through what he left for her. Heading into Friday’s show, Ava will be struggling with guilt and Dante will try to convince Sonny to make some changes.

What ultimately happens to Olivia? Both Sonny and Carly want her dead, but now she’s in the hands of the police. General Hospital spoilers indicate that next week she’ll be pursuing Griffin again, and it is known that actress Tonja Walker will be leaving the role of Liv later this month. Does Liv leave town with the possibility of returning at some point or will she be killed off by Julian, Carly, Sonny, Anna, or someone else?

While many are expecting Liv to be killed, Walker just shared some juicy General Hospital spoilers via Twitter detailing that the door will be left open, and she’s hoping that she’ll have the opportunity to return as Olivia soon. There certainly is more that can be done with Olivia considering her history and connections to people in Port Charles, but it sounds as if Liv will be making her way out of town, at least for now, quite soon.

Relationships are in flux these days in Port Charles, and General Hospital spoilers tease that twists and turns are on the way. Fans are buzzing over these latest happenings and cannot wait to see where things head next.

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