‘This Is Us’ Showrunner Gives Spoilers About What’s To Come in Season 2

This Is Us fans are still upset about how the series ended Season 1. Many viewers expected to find out how Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) died. Instead, they learned that Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack faced tough times and she asked him to move out of the house for a little while.

In the present day, Kate (Chrissy Metz) decided to pursue a singing career like her mother. Kevin (Justin Hartley) met with Ron Howard about a movie role. And Randall (Sterling K Brown) decided he wanted to adopt a child. So now that the series is over for the season, what can This Is Us fans expect for Season 2 in the fall?

Dan Fogelman, This Is Us showrunner, revealed that the plan since the pilot episodes was to take Rebecca and Jack to a fragile place for the Season 1 finale. He wanted to viewers to fear that this beautiful couple with so much love between them could slip through the cracks and divorce. The plan is not to split them up but to give you a real life look at a realistic marriage on television.

This Is Us spoilers faked out the viewers leading them to believe that Jack would die in a drunk driving car crash. However, that’s not what’s happened. He made it to Rebecca’s show on time, but she discovered that he had been drinking and driving which led to a massive fight between them.

Dan explained to The Hollywood Reporter, “As we’ll see the setup that Kate talked about, how she feels responsible for Jack’s death, it’s not that that isn’t true. “

“It’s just that the timing of that is now we’re starting to brace the audience that it’s coming and they should be ready for it. But it’s not necessarily going to happen in a way that people may or may not be expecting.”

Fogelman said that he wanted to show that the Pearson’s family are flawed people that love each other deeply. He hopes that they remind the viewers of how relationships work in real life.

“Real lives have marital spats; it doesn’t necessarily mean Jack and Rebecca are getting divorced or he’s not going to be in the house for five years,” This Is Us showrunner Dan stated.

Justin Hartley, the actor who plays Kevin on This Is Us, told Life & Style that Jack’s death reveal would happen in Season 2. He didn’t know any other information about it other than it would happen next season and that it would be “extremely shocking.”

Mandy Moore claimed that she “has no idea” how Jack died, and she may have to “corner Milo” to find out the This Is Us scoop.

“I am completely in the dark about Jack’s death,” Mandy told CNN.

During Season 2, This Is Us viewers will learn more about Jack and Rebecca’s relationship and how they find their way back to each other. Later in the season, they will find out how Jack dies and why Kate feels responsible.

Also, Kate will launch a professional singing career which may bring complications to her engagement to Toby (Chris Sullivan). Their relationship is still very new, and any change to either of their lives will cause a big strain.

The Big Three will all embark on major changes in their lives as they search for greater meaning in their lives. Dan Fogelman pointed out that even when This Is Us viewers discover how Jack died, Ventimiglia will still be a part of the show in the flashbacks.

How do you think Jack died? Will Kevin get a movie role with Ron Howard?

This Is Us returns to NBC in the fall.

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