Irish Drama ‘Striking Out’ Makes Its American Debut [Spoilers]

Spoiler Alert: This article might include some details about Striking Out.

The new Irish show, Striking Out, which debuts tomorrow, St. Patrick’s Day, on Acorn TV, is everything you’d want in a legal drama. Between the stellar cast and the writing, the show is as contemporary as any show on American television with a bit more character development and grittiness. Striking Out stars Amy Huberman, who is best known as Daisy in The Clinic.

Acorn TV has compiled shows from across the English-speaking world, from Canada to the U.K., Australia and New Zealand, bringing comedies, dramas, and mysteries like Midsomer Mysteries and 800 Words, according to the Inquisitr. 800 Words is about a recent widower who, seeking a change, packs up his family and moves from Sydney to the tiny town of Weld, New Zealand. The show was so popular around the world that it has been renewed for a third season and is now in production.

Striking Out opens at a hen party, where friends are out in Dublin celebrating the impending marriage of Tara Rafferty and her fiance, Eric, whose father is the senior partner at the law firm where they both work. Tara seems to have it all, and in one quick moment, it all shatters. The wedding now up in the air, Tara turns her back on the top law firm in Dublin and strikes out on her own, setting up shop in an old warehouse and a friend’s cafe with one of her criminal clients.


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The show debuted in Ireland in January to rave reviews on social media and especially on Twitter.

“Great show, some great writing and acting. Nice to see Amy Huberman back on our screens.”

Striking Out could just be the best thing RTE have done since Love/Hate. Fair play Amy Huberman and Blinder Films.”

The series star, Amy Huberman, posted a photo from Striking Out featuring Huberman as Tara, walking the streets of Dublin shoe-less with her eye makeup running after her Hen party goes all wrong.

“This is confusing because this is me in #StrikingOut starting tonight on RTE One at 9:30. But kind of me today after a big night last night.”

And Irish success makes Striking Out a great fit for Acorn TV. The Mirror shared Amy Huberman’s tweets about coming to North America.

Yay! There’s starting on March 17th on @AcornTVin US/Canada

???? …

Huberman also talked about how grateful she is for the new roles which are opening up for women in Ireland, the U.K., and the United States. The character of Tara seems to have it all, but everything quickly looks like a house of cards as her engagement, career, and family relationships all suddenly seem up in the air. Amy Huberman says that when she started out, the only roles she read for were the roles of the plus one.

“When I started, it was all about going in for the ‘girlfriend role’ and that’s great, as long as you have a proper person to play, because the same can happen to men; but you should feel like you’re playing a human being and it’s considered.”

Though there are male characters in Striking Out, they are all in supporting roles, telling the story of Tara Rafferty, a woman who is accomplished and hard working but still human.

“There’s also a joy in seeing how much men enjoy honest female portrayals as well. It’s bizarre to me that we’ve created a culture where we don’t have a voice, that doesn’t make sense when there are people who want to hear it and people who want to tell it.”

Striking Out will debut March 17th on Acorn TV.

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