Vanessa Grimaldi Fame Hungry, Too? Film And TV Director Recalls Working With Her

Vanessa Grimaldi won Nick Viall’s heart on The Bachelor, and there’s plenty of gossip they may not make it. Their interview together on After the Final Rose didn’t give fans the best hope that they’ll last with all of the hurdles in their way. Surprisingly, Vanessa is moving to the United States from Canada, something no one really believed she was willing to do given her strong ties to family and work as a special education teacher. Prior to The Bachelor ending, it seemed that Grimaldi was unwilling to relocate — even for Nick. As everyone learned on Monday, she’s going through the necessary process to move into the U.S.

Nick Viall has a reputation for having Hollywood aspirations and agreeing to be The Bachelor strictly to promote his brand. It’s hardly shocking that he’s unwilling to move to Canada when L.A. is exactly where he wants to be. While Nick is slammed for having secret motivations, many might remember that Vanessa Grimaldi has a history in the acting profession. She has an IMDb page that lists her as appearing in Blue Mountain State (2010), Being Human (2011), and Ascension (2014).

Blue Mountain State director, John Fortenberry, opened up to RadarOnline about working with Vanessa Grimaldi in 2010. He reveals that she has potential to be an accomplished actress; an observation he made when she appeared in just one episode of the show.

“Given the fact that she was not given a lot of heavy lifting in that show, she certainly accomplished what her task was for that. I have reason to suspect she could be an accomplished actress if she were given a more substantial role.”

Fortenberry admitted that he didn’t recollect a lot about Grimaldi because she didn’t have a meaty role, and there were a lot of attractive girls “given the nature of the show.”

As the report continues, Bachelor Nation was critical of the 29-year-old special needs teacher for going on The Bachelor considering her acting background. It was suspected that she was also hungry for fame.

Some fans made their feelings known when they found out she was an actress in the past.

“The fact that Vanessa Grimaldi was in Blue Mountain State and is an ‘aspiring actress’ ruins her completely,” one tweeted.

“Disappointed that Vanessa Grimaldi is an actress. Makes me wonder if she was in it for the fame?” another wrote.

“This is so easy. Vanessa has an IMDb page. She’s an actress. Nick is going on DWTS. They did it for fame,” someone else commented.

It’s not unusual anymore for contestants on The Bachelor to have some form of acting or modeling background. Vanessa Grimaldi hasn’t come off as one seeking an acting career, nor was that anything the tabloids had alleged in all the time she was on Nick’s season. There are fans out there who don’t trust that she went on the show for love, especially now that she’s picking up and moving to America after protesting the move for so long. Even Reality Steve was convinced that there was no way Vanessa was willing to leave Montreal due to her work as a special needs teacher and her immense love for family there.

Nick is in the process of competing on Dancing with the Stars, and Vanessa is supporting him. This has further made fans wonder if she’s really in all of this for the fame as well, and people are saying that Vanessa and Nick will be together at least through another reality show.

Do you think Vanessa Grimaldi went on The Bachelor for fame?

[Featured Image by Mitch Haasseth/ABC]