Trump Continues His On And Off Romance With Celebrities

Donald Trump’s romance with celebrities continues to grow as the president focuses on how he’s portrayed in the media rather than other issues. The president spends his time giving his opinion on Twitter about different celebrities that he either finds irrelevant or overrated. Celebrities have exercised their right to express their opinions as well. They have either made fun of him in sketches or called him out during shows or as Snoop Dogg recently did in a music video.

The president has been accused of being either obsessed or in love with certain celebrities, and he didn’t take their comments lightly as he would always clap back to whatever it was that would be said to him.

Trumps Biggest Supporters

Before the president decided to run for president, he had supporters from the Hip Hop world and many of them used his name or his company name in their lyrics. For instance, rapper Ice Cube said, “I’m just trying to get rich like Trump.” While Jay Z said that he was the ghetto’s answer to Trump. The rapper had since changed his views and supported Hillary during her campaign.

Donald Trump romance with Celebrities

Kanye West showed support for the president and ended up losing out with his fans as some thought he was becoming a sell-out. He has had indecisive views towards Donald as he had once said that Trump was taking dollars and then later was seen with the president and lost respect from many of his fans. Kanye ended up deleting his thoughts towards the president, perhaps to avoid further backlash with his fans that, of course, is quite important to the rapper and his success.

Other rappers had strong views towards the president by cussing his name.

Trump’s romance with celebrities has seen him falling out with the likes of Meryl Streep as well. After she expressed herself after receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award, he said that she was one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood. Adding that she was a Hilary “flunky” that lost big.

Donald vs. Snoop

Trump’s latest tweet was targeted towards Snoop as he had released a music video that was in the president’s likeness. The video showed Snoop pointing a fake gun towards a trump lookalike. The lookalike’s face wore a suit and a wig plus a face filled with orange makeup. His song “Lavender” (nightfall remix) has a variety of ordinary people dressed in clown makeup. Trump, who in the satire is Ronald Klump, appears in chains at the end of the video before the fake gun was fired at him.

Donald Trump romance with Celebrities

Trump took to twitter to ask his followers if they could imagine the outcry that Snoop would have had if he had aimed a gun at former President Obama. He said that Snoop’s career was failing, and he even added the words “Jail time” perhaps to emphasize his disdain. Donald may have found his Drake and Lil’ Wayne in Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who both were against the gun being pointed at the president.

Rubio said that there have been presidents assassinated before and anything like that would be something people should be careful about. He added to TMZ the following.

“Wrong person sees that and gets the wrong idea, you could have a real problem.”

Ted Cruz added to TMZ that while he hadn’t seen the video, he found the video to be in poor taste. Repeating the views that there have been attempted assassinations as well as successful ones, he said that no one should advocate the murder of the president.

Ice-T said that the video was artistic while Common said that hip hop was a voice for many people and that hip hop artists had always spoken up about how they feel whether it’s to do with a president they didn’t like or a politician that they didn’t like.

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