Pregnant Woman Allegedly Jumps Off Cliff After Finding Out The Sex Of Her Twins

A pregnant mother allegedly jumped to her death in Ireland after she found out that she was having twin boys and not a baby girl. Anna Byrne, 35, already had two sons at home, according to the Daily Mail.

Byrne supposedly jumped from a cliff at the Howth Summit near Dublin. The nurse was allegedly “feeling low” after finding out the sex of her unborn children. She was reportedly devastated when ultrasound scans indicated she was going to have two more boys. In the months prior to her death, Anna Byrne allegedly began noticing baby girls everywhere she went and avoided her friends – especially those that had daughters.

Byrne was 38-weeks pregnant when she allegedly committed suicide. She suppossedly jumped to her death just six days after allegedly complaining about feeling sad to a psychiatrist. Dr. John Sheehan noted that he considered the pregnant woman at “low-risk” from self-harm. Anna was taking anti-depressants, according to the Ireland Independent. A caesarean section had already been scheduled when the mother-of-two killed herself.

Dr. Sheehan had this to say about Byrne:

“However, she felt part of her life was missing because she had two sons and no daughter.”

Her husband Terry appeared unaware this his wife may have been suicidal. When discussing their final conversation, he notes they said “I love you” to one another and Anna said she would see him later.

The local coroner’s open verdict in the case stated that he could not say without reasonable doubt that Byrne intended to commit suicide when she fell from the cliff. The mother-of-two had reportedly suffered from depression since her early 20s. Byrne’s first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. She supposedly told her general doctor that she felt overwhelmed at the thought of having four boys and did not feel maternal.