K-Pop News: T-ara Disbanding After Final Album Is Released In May

The South Korean girl group T-ara, famous for their hit titles “Bo Peep Bo Peep,” and “Time To Love,” will be making their comeback in a couple of months. However, the news is on a rather sad note since the group’s management company, MBK Entertainment has told news outlets that this comeback will be T-ara’s last.

MBK Entertainment informed news outlets about T-ara’s May comeback as well as the group’s plans in the near future. Apparently, the six members of the popular South Korean girl group will have their respective contracts expire in May. As a result, T-ara will be dishing out one last album as a group.

In a previous report by AllKpop, MBK Entertainment teased fans a few weeks ago about T-ara’s next mini album. The South Korean girl group’s management company hinted about Tara’s 13th mini album, saying that the girls have yet to decide on song titles.


MBK Entertainment also mentioned that the new T-ara song will be a “180 degree change” compared to their last song “Ti Amo” which was a medium tempo song. It seems that fans can expect T-ara’s last album to have a clear summer song when the group releases their final comeback album in May.

Despite their contracts ending on the said month, T-ara will still lead promotions for the album as a group until June. In addition, T-ara will also hold a series of domestic and overseas comeback promotions and activities.

Moreover, on March 16 (KST) MBK reached out to news outlets informing them that “T-ara plan on making a comeback on May 17. Since their contract is set to expire in May, it will be their last comeback as a full group.” On that note, T-ara members Bora, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjing, Hyomin, and Jiyeon will be working on one last piece before the group disbands.

Looking back, the popular South Korean girl group underwent a crisis when Hwayoung left T-ara. According to Yonhap News, the former T-ara member left during the heat of the bullying issue between teammates. The incident triggered other T-ara members to leave television shows and other projects while later opting to pursue other opportunities abroad.


In light of the T-ara bullying incident, after years of silence, the staff member involved in the issue has come forward. The said staff member named Kim Woo-Ri shared his account of what happened with Ryu Hwayoung saying that the star had no respect for the T-ara staff members. Moreover, Kim also cited a specific scenario of Ryu’s alleged rudeness whereas the singer called her hairstylists “Shampoo.” Apparently, the rest of the T-ara members addressed staff members as “Unni,” while Ryu had her own nickname for them.

The former T-ara member later gave her feedback regarding Kim Woo-Ri’s allegations. Ryu Hwayoung responded via Instagram on March 14, telling Kim not to make up stories. However, two other staff members came to Kim’s defense, saying that his claims were true.

As for the chances of a contract renewal for the members of T-ara, reports claim that the South Korean girl group and their management company MBK Entertainment are already discussing the matter. After nine years of being an active girl group, with successful titles such as “Lovey Dovey,” and “Roly Poly,” many fans are surely hoping for the group’s members to have their contracts renewed with MBK Entertainment.

Despite the renewal talks between the T-ara members and MBK Entertainment, the label reportedly stated that even though contract renewal discussions are taking place, it is most likely that the May comeback album will be the group’s last as six members.

[Featured Image by Lai Seng Sin/AP Images]