'My 600-LB Life' James K. Pictures: Does The 790-LB Man Lose Weight?

James K. was one of the heaviest patients ever on My 600-LB Life, and fans of the show are hoping to see some weight-loss pictures from the 790-pound man after his journey on the show.

The 46-year-old suffers from an extreme and life-threatening case of cellulitis, keeping him trapped in his own bed and unable to help his ailing father. By the time he appears on My 600-LB Life, James is basically a prisoner in his small home and in his large body, Monsters and Critics noted.

"Imprisoned in the trailer he calls home, James's body is no longer functioning correctly because of the burdens placed on it by his weight," the report noted.

"When his elderly dad suffers a serious health scare, all he can do is talk to emergency responders as he grapples with his situation."
In Wednesday's episode of My 600-LB Life, viewers saw as the helpless James K. could do nothing to help his own father. This is his major motivation to lose weight, leading him to the show and what he hopes will be a life-saving weight-loss surgery.

Like nearly every person featured on the show, James K. had a tragic childhood story. He grew up with an alcoholic mother who died when James was a teenager, and he turned to overeating to deal with the stress of his life.

His obesity has now led to major and painful tissue swelling, Monsters and Critics noted.

"The other horrific effect of his weight gain is the extreme case of cellulitis. Cellulitis is a skin infection than can go from mild cases to severe and ulcerative open sores and extreme infection if not managed."

"It's frightening and hard to treat on someone with edema (swelling) and who is as large as James, whose lymph glands are not working properly."

Many viewers came into Wednesday's episode of My 600-LB Life hoping to see some weight-loss photos from James K. In the previous week, the show broke a bit from its format and took an extended look into one of the people featured, and fans of the show hoped they might get to see a full arc from James as well.

In last week's episode, cameras followed Tanisha through a full two years of her life, showing her struggles to stay on the eating program set out for her.

As TVRuckus noted, Tanisha's case could be a prelude to what James might be asked to do.

"Part of her problem was the doctor's insistence that she lose a lot of weight before she could be considered for surgery," the report noted.

"He asks the same from all patients to see if they can change their behavior, because surgery alone won't stop the cravings and emotional eating With James weighing almost 200 lbs. more than Tanisha and suffering from cellulitis, we know he'll be asked to do the same. The only question is how much he'll be asked to lose."
But there were few photos of James K.'s weight loss prior to the airing of My 600-LB Life, as producers try to keep the stories under wraps until they air.

Those who want to see if there are any weight loss photos from James K. after his appearance on My 600-LB Life can check out the show's official page on TLC. The full video of James K.'s episode can also be seen here and will be uploaded within hours of its broadcast on Wednesday.

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