WWE News: Former Superstar Talks About How Difficult It Is To Work With Triple H

When a wrestler parts ways with WWE, a lot of stories and previously unknown information usually end up coming out. Over the years, many have told tales of things that took place behind closed doors and many of them included Triple H and/or Vince McMahon. Well, when you’re a former WWE superstar looking to one day return to the company, it really isn’t a smart idea to talk about how hard it was working with and for Triple H.

JTG, of the tag team Cryme Tyme during his WWE days, has been campaigning off and on for him and his tag team partner Shad Gaspard to return to the company. Obviously, it hasn’t happened, but there is still hope that it may come back around for them one day.

wwe news jtg cryme tyme triple h vince mcmahon difficult work

Recently, JTG spoke with Hannibal TV, and he was asked about a number of topics and that included how it was working with others in WWE. By way of Wrestling Inc., JTG was asked about how it was working with Triple H and Vince McMahon, and it appears as if the latter was a bit more of the preferred option.

“What I mean by that is that Vince always has his door open. If you have an idea, suggestion, if you want to talk to him about something, his door is always open. If he’s busy he’ll just say ‘come back later.’ With Hunter it feels like, from my experience, he was avoiding me.”

It’s interesting that JTG says that about feeling like Triple H was “avoiding” him considering what recently came out about his time in WWE. As reported by Inquisitr, JTG seemingly used to hide backstage when it came time for him to wrestle as he was happy collecting a paycheck for being there and doing nothing.

Continuing speaking to Hannibal TV, JTG spoke about the first time he ever met Vince McMahon and how sincere he was in talking with him.

“When I finally met Vince, I wasn’t nervous for some reason. He made some promises. He was very excited to see us and was glad to have us on the roster. I could see it was very authentic that he was happy to have us on the roster. He saw the vignettes and our dark matches and he was very impressed with them.”

Many former WWE superstars have talked about how nerve-wracking it was for them when they needed to speak to Vince McMahon. Others have echoed JTG’s words and said that he was always very easy-going and open to speaking to anyone about anything.

wwe news jtg cryme tyme triple h vince mcmahon difficult work

Cryme Tyme was not one of the more overly successful tag teams in WWE, but they were extremely popular. Fans loved their fun ways and how they would mess around with other tag teams and their belongings and even the championship belts.

JTG said that “Stephanie (McMahon) loved Cryme Tyme. Vince loved Cryme Tyme.” He said that it was fun to work with the boss’ daughter because she was “very hands on with our backstage segments” which is a big part of what made the team so popular.

JTG has made it known for years that he and Shad Gaspard would like to return to WWE one day and let today’s fans experience Cryme Tyme. It is always possible and bridges have been burned before and they have been able to be mended, but it is odd that JTG would choose to come out with this info now. Triple H may be more difficult to work with than Vice McMahon and it may be the truth, but it certainly isn’t something that should have been said out loud.

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