Prince William Defended By Public As Tabloids Release Videos From Verbier

It appears that the video of Prince William dancing has brought out a lot of controversy with many defending the prince. Meanwhile, Kate Middleton and Prince William have bigger issues to deal with as the royal couple is heading to France on Friday, where they are expected to possibly be booed or heckled by the residents of the EU because of anger over Brexit. Now, the pressure is doubly on for the royal couple, as the media will be following their every step, big and small as Britain is relying on them to quell any sort of ill will the EU feels towards the UK because of Brexit and the paparazzi will be looking for any signs of cracks in the couple's marriage because of William's weekend in Verbier.

Everyone knows about the antics of Prince William and his wild Swiss weekend. The videos of Prince William dancing have gone viral. His dad dance moves have made William seem more real and down to earth. Yet, his wife Kate Middleton cannot be terribly pleased about his interactions with the women he encountered during the party weekend in Verbier. According to the Daily Mail, he put his arm around a woman that is believed to be Sophie Taylor, whom he had been drinking with earlier on the day, and giving an enthusiastic high five.

Back in Britain, while Wills and three other pals were having an unabashed party weekend, it appears that Kate was home, possibly helping her sister Pippa prepare the guest list for her upcoming nuptials and most likely preparing for a very important trip to France with her staff. Obviously, it is expected that Kate will be dressed to the nines and that does require some planning. Everything has to be perfect as the couple are representing more than the royal family on this visit.
Ephraim Hardcastle at the Daily Mail spoke with a royal source about the trip to Paris and reported that this trip may not be the sort of lovefest that the royal couple is accustomed to on their usual travels to other countries. The source indicates that there may be boos when they are traversing in public, and there may be some thinly veiled insults thrown at them and at Britain during some of the public introductions--and that could be the best case scenario.
"The possibility of them being booed, or heckled, on their walkabouts, or finding some barbed comments in the welcoming speeches, is a cause for concern."'
This is quite a high-pressure situation and there cannot be any faux pas whatsoever. There is no doubt, no matter what adversity the couple faces abroad, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have to be graceful and gracious and ooze charisma.

Hardcastle, who nicknamed them "Prince Workshy and Duchess Do Little" also brings up concerns that the publicly-funded royals are doing too little work for their publicly supported positions. This may also change the perception of the royal couple, especially William who, less than a year ago in a poll that Inquisitr reported on, was much more popular than his father Prince Charles, and people wanted him to become the next King of England.

Piers Morgan, who does support the royal family, spoke recently on Good Morning Britain and shared his criticism of Prince William. Morgan expressed his deep disappointment that he missed the all important Commonwealth event to instead make a drunken fool of himself dad dancing for all cellphones to record and sell to the tabloids and said, "I agree with the front pages criticizing him."

Morgan spoke of the importance of the Commonwealth event, an event that Prince Andrew attended, even though William's uncle spent his own weekend in Verbier. Perhaps if William had not missed such an important event, such as the Commonwealth event, who he talked to and his dancing moves while on holiday may not have created such headlines.

"There was a huge Commonwealth event in this country, every other member of the royal family turned up – and the next in line to the throne is out gallivanting on the ski slopes, chatting to blondes and dancing like a raver!"
On television, Morgan expressed disappointment in William in his chosen actions over the weekend.
"I have a lot of respect for them. But he is second in line after Charles to be king."
Yet, there were a lot of critics of Piers Morgan, insisting that the future king be allowed some time to wind down like a normal person.

One woman, Happy Sarah, tweeted to Good Morning Britain and Morgan that she indeed enjoyed seeing William act like the "rest of us."

While another woman, SoniaR, defended Wills and pointed out that the prince has a lifetime of duties and complimented the prince on doing his duties "proper."
Have you seen the videos of Prince William dancing? Has this changed your feelings about Prince William and the royal family? Or do you think that Prince William deserves to have a vacation and party like normal people? Do you think that the media will be focused on how they react to each other, looking for any sign of strife between the married couple. Share your thoughts below and let the debate begin!

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