Danielle Bregoli: Dr Phil’s ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Cashes In On Instagram Fame

It all started with an appearance on Dr. Phil, and now “cash me outside” girl Danielle Bregoli is well on her way to her first million. As the entire internet is aware, Bregoli and her mother appeared on TV psychologist Dr. Phil’s daytime TV show. Danielle’s mother was seeking help to control her wayward daughter’s behavior. During the show, Bregoli got into a bizarre conversation with Dr. Phil, and it led to her uttering the words that have become a viral internet sensation.

In response to a comment by Dr. Phil, Danielle launched into a brand of street language that initially left the world wondering if she might be speaking Klingon. Who would have guessed that Danielle’s now famous phrase, “cash me outside, how bow dat,” would launch a million memes, and attract over 34 million views on YouTube?

Astonishingly, Bregoli has amassed almost 8 million followers on social media platform Instagram. Bregoli may be some way behind Selena Gomez’s 103 million followers, but we are talking a recalcitrant teen rather than an established international celebrity who has been in the public eye for most of her life.


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When Bregoli uttered the words “cash me outside,” the world assumed that Danielle was no more than a troubled, stupid, and unruly teenager. That was a mistake. The “cash me outside” girl was certainly smart enough to realize that her internet fame could be her path to riches. Maxim reports that Danielle is cashing in on “cash me outside,” and that she will be a millionaire by the end of 2017.

Get this, apparently, Bregoli is charging a whopping $40,000 to appear at parties. Seriously, the 13-year-old is being paid many people’s annual salary to attend a party. Now, that’s the sort of job that any teenager would hanker after and it’s all down to “cash me outside.”

Is The ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Danielle Bregoli A Millionaire?

Bregoli may not be a millionaire just yet, but according to Celebrity Net Worth it won’t take long, and Danielle will be a millionaire by the end of 2017. Bregoli’s earning power is all down to her social media presence. In addition to her Instagram followers, Bregoli has already built a strong following on Twitter and Snapchat. Danielle has cashed in by selling “cash me outside” merchandise.

Bregoli is also YouTube famous. Kodak Black’s video for his song “Everything 1K” stars Bregoli, and it has amassed over 25 million views in a little over a month. It has another 5.5 million views on Bregoli’s Instagram feed. Where Bregoli has shown she is smart is by building a mini empire based on the “cash me outside” phrase. The secret lies in social media product placement. Danielle has been paid large sums of money by companies who wish to broaden their reach through Bregoli’s social media presence.

Bregoli’s product placement video for Fit Tea has been viewed over 7 million times. Danielle has also attracted other product placement posts, and it is estimated that celebrities with Bregoli’s social media presence can easily earn over $100,000 a month. It is also claimed that some companies will be willing to pay Bregoli up to $50,000 for each product placement post. Imagine that, $50,000 to make a post on Instagram!

Of course, it hasn’t all been smiles and roses for Bregoli and her newfound fame. Bregoli has allegedly had her Instagram account hacked, and details of the teenager’s private life have become tabloid fodder.

Elite Daily slams Bregoli for “cashing in on her attitude problem, while black women are punished for theirs.”

“Cash Me Outside girl is currently selling merchandise, and making between $30,000 and $40,000 for appearances. Black women don’t have that luxury. They are often dismissed when it comes to loud, aggressive behavior, instead of being rewarded for it, the way Cash Me Outside girl has.”

The Daily Beast also took pot shots at Bregoli, saying that “Danielle Bregoli is the last female celebrity I want to be writing about on International Women’s Day.” It is interesting that the Daily Beast describes Bregoli as a celebrity, especially when they dismiss her as ranking “about 10 rungs below B-Lister and one step above Jonathan Cheban.” The reality is that in the internet age, “cash me outside, how bow dat” has made a celebrity out of a 13-year-old girl who is smart enough to cash in on her fame, however fleeting it might be.

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