Jeremy Calvert Can’t Decide Whether Or Not He Wants His Instagram Private

Jeremy Calvert can’t seem to make up his mind when it comes to his social media pages.

As his ex-wife, Leah Messer, continues to face rumors of a possible pregnancy, Jeremy Calvert has made a habit of changing his Instagram settings from public to private quite frequently.

On March 13, Jeremy Calvert decided to allow fans to have access to his previously private photos and videos, but just a short time later, possibly after the latest episode of Teen Mom 2 aired on MTV, he made the account private once again.

Currently, when fans who have not been approved to follow the reality star attempt to visit his page, they receive a message, which reads, “This Account is Private.”

Jeremy Calvert has always been a bit finicky when it comes to his social media presence. However, during his stable moments with fiancee Brooke Wehr, he appeared to be much more open with his fans and followers. That said, Calvert and Wehr endured a messy split last month, which was plagued by allegations of cheating, and ever since, Calvert’s social media posts have been few and far between.

In February, just months after Jeremy Calvert proposed, his fiancee took to Instagram, where she revealed that he had allegedly cheated on her with a Teen Mom 2 producer — and several other women. While Calvert has since denied doing so, his relationship with Wehr is believed to have came to an end.

Weeks ago, after the couple’s dramatic split, it was alleged on Instagram that Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr had recently been spotted together near where they live, but thus far, there has been no evidence of a reunion and both parties have remained silent in regard to their relationship status online.

In other Jeremy Calvert news, the Teen Mom 2 dad and his co-star, Adam Lind, have both been known to complain about their portrayals on the MTV series and when it comes to their futures on the show, they may not be featured for much longer.

“Both guys signed on for Season 7, and wanted out while filming last season,” a source told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup last August. “Neither planned to do any more episodes after that, but MTV kind of pulled a fast one on them and simply extended the season. Instead of the new season being Season 8, it is now Season 7B, which means there were no new contracts signed.”

“It’s unavoidable,” the source added of filming. “They can’t get out of it because they already signed, knowing that it was a possibility that the season would be extended. It happened once before to the cast.”

As for Season 8, which has reportedly begun filming already, Jeremy Calvert is not expected to appear — even if the network offers him a raise in exchange for his appearance.

“[Jeremy Calvert] is so done,” another source told The Ashley. “There’s no way he’ll sign on for Season 8. MTV keeps trying to throw money at him, but he isn’t taking it. He just wants away from all the craziness that being on the show brings. Unfortunately, he has to honor the full Season 7 contract that he signed before he can be done.”

Jeremy Calvert has yet to speak out on his possible involvement with Season 8.

To see more of Jeremy Calvert, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 7B on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Calvert/Instagram]