‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rumors: Fans Blame Brown Family Haters For Show’s Demise?

The Brown family just can’t seem to keep themselves out of trouble. According to the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors, it’s not the Brown family’s fault that their show may be canceled; it’s their “haters” and their terrible stories!

That’s the word according to Monsters and Critics, whose latest round of Alaskan Bush People rumors suggest that this all happened on the Brown family Facebook page, where a virtual war was raised between fans of the show and those who accused the show of being “fake.”

Many of the Brown family fans blamed the “haters” for forcing the show into possible cancellation.

“Fans have rallied to the defense of the Brown family from Alaskan Bush People — after others branded it “fake” and called for it to be taken off air. The Discovery series has long been plagued by claims that it is “fake” in the way it portrays the Brown family struggling to live off the land — and that the family are well off financially. But after the so-called “haters” targeted a string of recent posts on the Alaskan Bush People Facebook page, fans have taken to the comments in their hordes to back the family — saying they love it for what it is.”

Meanwhile, according to the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors from Travelers Today, if the show does indeed continue, it’s going to do so without one key family member; Bam Bam. The outlet is reporting that Bam Bam isn’t going to return for the next season, and more to the point, he’s living in South Carolina. (Previous reports had him living in New York.)

“Just last month, though, one member chose to leave his family. Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown left the show to follow his heart. He relocated to the 48 for love, saying that he has found a woman who has “stirred something inside” that “made his soul wake up.” When Bam made his announcement to leave the show, it was said that the reason was Allison Kagan, one of the show’s crew.”

This isn’t the first time reports have surfaced about the Alaskan Bush People being in jeopardy because of a “love situation,” but with Bam Bam moving to the so-called “lower 48,” it just may be that the end is nigh for the Brown family. Or is it?

Finally, according to a previous report by the Inquisitr about the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors, despite all the controversy, it does look like there’s going to be a Season 7.

However, there’s some bad news: there may be a delay in the production, because of various setbacks in the family. Specifically, Ami Brown is possibly sidelined because of a major procedure.

“Alaskan Bush People Exposed, @alaskanfrauds, posted just yesterday that the Brown family is still in Juneau, Alaska, and “there are no signs of filming anytime soon.” Another post shared six days ago says that the Brown family matriarch, Ami Brown, may have actually had “major surgery” at the end of last year or beginning of this year and may still be recovering, which may explain the delay in Alaskan Bush People production.”

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[Featured Image by The Discovery Channel]