‘Ghost Brothers’ Meet A Very Friendly Spirit At Longleaf Sawmill [Spoilers]

Some ghosts are hostile, some are friendly, and some can get a little too friendly sometimes, according to the preview screener of this Friday’s episode of Ghost Brothers. Dalen, Juwan, and Marcus head south this Friday for their latest paranormal investigation at Louisiana’s Longleaf Sawmill — a.k.a. “The Mill of Death” — where they seem to encounter more than one spirit, but one, in particular, seems to be quite “cheeky.”

Warning: some mild spoilers for Friday’s Ghost Brothers episode follow.

Casper Was Never This Friendly

The guys line up some help for this week’s investigation, including a local volunteer and two local paranormal investigators. But before the paranormal investigating officially begins, Dalen discovers that one of the spirits there is a little touchy, feely. Tracy, a volunteer, explains to them that this is not an unusual occurrence at that particular location in the sawmill. In fact, local paranormal investigator Brad from Louisiana Spirits reports experiencing similar sensations.

Let’s put it this way — Brad declares him and Dalen to be “Booty Brothers.” That should give you a little idea of what was up.

the ghost brothers with fellow investigator brad of Lousiiana Spirits

With the guys already experiencing some paranormal activity and interaction before getting the hunt officially underway, it was time to “pop the trunk on them ghosts” to get out their equipment and get serious about making contact with the spirits haunting Longleaf Sawmill.

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Ghost Brothers Mix Serious Paranormal Investigations With A Sense of Humor

While the Ghost Brothers take their paranormal investigating seriously, they also know how to have fun with it, as fans of the show already know from Season 1 and the premiere of Season 2 last week. You can expect no less this Friday during their stay at Longleaf Sawmill. As it turns out, volunteer Tracy also seems to have a pretty good sense of humor as well as Brad and Brandon from Louisiana Spirits, adding to the Ghost Brothers’ special blend of spooky and spunky, with a dash of southern charm.

They also aren’t afraid to show the parts of their investigation that yield no results, which gives more credibility to when they do get paranormal responses. Dalen struggles a bit to provoke activity and gets a bit frustrated, calling out to any potential ghosts hanging out.

“Why won’t you talk to me? I feel like I’m a cool guy.”

Give the man a break, ghosts of Longleaf Sawmill. It’s also the least you can do after feeling Dalen up.

Ghost Brothers add humor to paranormal investigations

Ghost Brothers Get Creative With Their Paranormal Investigation Techniques

For stirring up some good paranormal activity, the Ghost Brothers also have a train at their disposal this time around and a set of tracks where a man was killed by a train, which may have been an accident or may have been murder. So add a piercing train whistle and a fatal stop on the tracks where someone died, and your chances of getting some paranormal responses increase dramatically.

While the Ghost Brothers keep things fairly low-tech this time around, they show a little southern ingenuity by rigging up a way to shoot some infrared footage in a pit where someone died on the premises. The pit is a long, narrow hole running along part of the sawmill, and since it was impossible for them to get down in there physically themselves, they find an ingenious way to get a camera in there with some creative technology and a little duct tape.

Sorry, but you’ll have to tune in to see exactly what they did and how they did it. You wouldn’t want all the good stuff spoiled, right?

Ghost Brothers is in their second season as part of the Friday night paranormal lineup on TLC, along with such other shows as Paranormal Lockdown and Kindred Spirits, which was just renewed for a second season. Ghost Brothers airs Friday night at 10 p.m. ET.

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