‘Destiny Age Of Triumph’ Brings Mayhem To Nightfall, Blue Flames Are Back

Bungie returned Wednesday to reveal more of the Destiny changes coming with the Age of Triumph update at the end of March. The developer hosted a Twitch livestream to share how weekly activities such as Nightfall Strikes, Story Missions, and more will change in the final months prior to the release of Destiny 2.

As previously covered, the Age of Triumph update will hit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Tuesday, March 28. Destiny players will start the final event off with a visit to The Speaker in the Tower to receive a quest. This quest unlocks the new record book and features 12 steps to explore the content tied to the update, which includes new Weekly Featured Story Mission playlist, patrols, and more.

Treasures of Ages

Tess Everess will introduce Treasures of Ages for sale containing content from all the previous events and updates in the game. Up to three can be obtained each week at no extra cost by completing weekly activities. The new treasure boxes contain everything from emblems to ships to armor to ornaments to emotes and ghost shells that have been released to the game to date. Treasures will typically guarantee two items with a third possible.

If you get items that you don’t want, then those can be converted to Silver Dust, which has been re-worked for Age of Triumph. Players will be able to go to the Silver Dust kiosk to purchase individual items with the currency from five different collections from different events.

Both the Eververse and Silver Dust kiosk updates will allow players the chance to obtain items that have otherwise alluded them and even complete some portions of the new Record Book.

Challenge of the Elders

The Challenge of the Elders Weekly playlist in Destiny: Age of Triumph.

Challenge of the Elders has been brought up to 390 Light and added to the weekly menu in the Destiny game director. Players are guaranteed a Legendary Engram when playing once a week and 10 Legendary Marks three times a week.

Weekly Nightfall Strike

The Nightfall Strike Weekly playlist in Destiny: Age of Triumph.

Nightfall keeps the same 380 Light level, but is taken to a weekly playlist and adds a new Daybreak modifier to increase player’s Super rates. This is similar to the Mayhem modifier in PVP, but the rewards will remain the same as they are today with no changes.

However, the Nightfall buff will return. This puts a blue flame around Guardian’s heads and gives an XP buff. This is a return to the original days of Destiny when players would gather together on Tuesday to complete the Nightfall to get the benefits of the XP buff through the week.

Bungie has not made any changes to the Nightfall Strikes beyond the new modifier to increase Super ability recharge rate. The first week of the Age of Triumph will feature the Daybreak modifier with it returning every four weeks.

Strike scoring remains as well, so players will be able to continue to complete tasks from Rise of Iron, just much more quickly.

In an icing on the cake moment, Bungie confirmed there would be some weeks that will have a rainbow burn – Arc, Void, and Solar.

The introduction of the Daybreak modifier will obviously cause players to change their playstyle, and it is likely to be much more aggressive. The developers tested different super recharge rates and eventually settled on the exact same rate from the Crucible Mayhem modifier. Bungie says the intent is not to make this new playlist a “Nightfall easy mode,” but it will be interesting to see the response from the Destiny community.

SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike Playlist

The SIVA Heroic Strike Weekly playlist in Destiny: Age of Triumph.

Not much has changed with the starter playlist from Rise of Iron. The rewards have been updated though with a guarantee of one Treasure of Ages every week. The guaranteed 10 Legendary Marks remain.

Weekly Story Playlist

The Weekly Story playlist in Destiny: Age of Triumph.

All of the story missions from Destiny have been moved to their own playlist and have had three modifiers added to them, and the Light level raised to 380. Each week will have a different theme, such as Earth and Moon, Mars and Venus, Dark Below, etc. Additionally, players are guaranteed one Treasure of Ages from this playlist each week plus 20 Legendary Marks for up to five missions a week.

Featured Crucible Playlist

The Weekly Crucible playlist in Destiny: Age of Triumph.

Finally, there is a featured Crucible playlist for players to earn rewards. Like the others, this will gift one Treasure of Ages once a week plus 10 Legendary Marks.

Other Information

Lord Shaxx will offer a second weekly bounty and a new engram that can be purchased with Silver Dust to receive items.

Twilight Garrison will finally take on the color of the shader applied to the Titan wearing it. This was shown toward at the end of the livestream.

There will be Raid exclusive Ornaments for weapons like Touch of Malice, Mythoclast, and Nechrocasm based on images from the Twitch livestream.

What do you think of the changes to the Destiny weekly activities coming with the Age of Triumph update? Sound off in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Bungie / Activision]