‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’: Vile Video Commentary On Lackluster Year 2 Content

Tom Clancy’s The Division year two State of the Game wasn’t well received by many players who were looking for something more. Expectations had been high, but what the developers released was quite lackluster in the eyes of many. Two pieces of free DLC content were announced, and according to many gamers, these releases didn’t amount to much since its launch in 2016. There had been a “mock-up” of sorts drawn up in the past that showed 1.7 and beyond, but it wasn’t the real deal.

Now comes an amusing but very sarcastic piece of commentary from YouTuber 21Kiloton. His commentary was filled with colorful metaphors and analogies that painted The Division in a critical fashion. You could call it a spoof to add levity to the disappointment of fans, some of whom thought of this almost 20-minute video as highly amusing.

Warning: The following video contains extreme profanity and might not be safe for work.

Titanic/Ice Berg Analogy

The YouTuber summed it up pretty nicely comparing last week’s State of the Game to that of the Titanic crashing into an iceberg. Of course, you have this expectation of security and warm fuzzies like Kate Winslet’s character had when in the arms of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. Then the face of reality hits you and doesn’t turn out quite like you thought it would.

“The general consensus on the Interwebs seems to be that the ship’s
captain and most of the crew have lopped off the rudder and left a few
peons to serve drinks to the passengers and f**ked off in the life boats and
we’re destined to hit the ice berg in 12 months time.”

Analyzing Massive Developers’ Body Language

This implies Tom Clancy’s The Division had a finite destiny this whole time when it came to year two content. According to 21Kiloton, he figured that even though the developers seemed excited about the free content this year, the reaction was of complete dissatisfaction. The YouTuber went as far as to analyze the body language of the two developers, including the interpretation of possible hand gestures made by one of them. Of course, this could be the way he fidgets and nothing more.

He had also acknowledged their “cancer faces” and other descriptors regarding what it would take to get that kind of expression as the middle guy on the couch talked most of the time.

It is funny to see how much 21Kiloton put into his comedic commentary on a possibly failing product and the lackluster update for 1.6 and beyond.

The Division Year 2 DLCs Really DLCs?

Many on Reddit failed to acknowledge that Massive is really providing honest-to-goodness DLC expansions. It seems they disqualified year two’s downloads due in part of them being free. Redditor Jlukes expressed this as follows.

“The Year 2 stuff is all free because there is literally no actual new content to buy.”

Some even thought the DLCs were just something that should have been added to the game last year since it needed fixing for quite some time. The implication made by disgruntled gamers is that they think Massive is putting the two free DLCs under the guise of “new content.” Just ask Foshozee of Reddit.

“Basically… ‘Hey here is all this stuff that was probably intended to be in the game at release! You’re welcome!’”

The Division Now Just Old Reliable?

YouTuber Skill Up had come to the realization that the game now has a small horizon at this point, whereas prior to the State of the Game update, many had great expectations of a limitless horizon. He did express a silver lining to those who prefer a degree a familiarity with the game already and that “the best days are behind us.”

If you’re into familiarity and just enjoy the game for the social aspect, then more power to you. There are some people who likely feel that way because a sense of community is also important.

Could it have simply plateaued at this point?

What do you think? Are you satisfied now with The Division as it stands? Perhaps those who haven’t had the time to max out or optimize their characters completely may feel the current content in 1.6 is still new to them.

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