Terra Jole Talks Stress Of ‘DWTS,’ Defends Decision To Do The Show

Terra Jole of Little Women: LA spent some time on Dancing With the Stars last season. This was really hard on her right after surgery and after having a baby. Now, People is sharing what Terra had to say about how stressful the show was on her family and how it was hard for her to heal during this time. Terra made history being the first little person to ever do the show.

While Terra was on Dancing With the Stars, nobody knew about her health issues. She was able to keep it quiet, somehow. Now that it is all airing on Little Women: LA, she has to deal with it all. Terra shared on her new blog, saying, “The new discovery of everyone finding out about my three hernias and my ripped diastases has people in a tizzy, but I followed all of my doctor’s orders, and I feel like everyone just needs to relax.”

The surgery that Terra Jole went through was really hard on her body. She shared the details, while also raving about her husband. Here is what she had to say.

“But while she’s trying to figure out whether our friendship will ever be the same, I’m at home recovering from surgery. The procedure is done and man, I looked rough! I remember vividly just how horrible I felt and how grateful I was for Joe. He helped me so much through the surgery and made me realize again why I love him so much. Not being able to pick up your own children is torture, but we’re making it work.”

Terra Jole went on to explain that she was so glad that Tonya and Briana came to support her after her surgery. She does wish was that Elena had been there for her. Terra went through a really hard time, but luckily it looks like she is doing better now.

ET Online shared that Terra Jole is also defending her decision to go on Dancing With the Stars right after having her son. Elena actually didn’t want to be the godmother of her children and a lot of the reason was because of the fact that she went on Dancing With the Stars, and she didn’t agree with Terra’s big decision. Terra Jole feels she did it for the right reasons, though. Tonya explained her thoughts about why Elena didn’t want to be Terra’s children’s godmother.

“You have to understand why she didn’t want to support you being on Dancing With the Stars. It was taking away from your life, it was taking away from your health, it was taking away from your kids, it was taking away from your husband. And she [thinks] that’s not the type of godparents she wants for her children.”

Terra Jole actually feels like some people would have done the same thing. The thing is Terra Jole is proud of what she did on the show, and she isn’t going to apologize for it at all. She is totally okay with her decision to be on Dancing With the Stars. The fans loved seeing her on the show as well.

Are you shocked to hear how hard Dancing With the Stars was on Terra Jole? Do you think she made the wrong decision by doing the show when she did? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don’t miss watching Terra Jole on Little Wone: LA on Lifetime.

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