Amy Schumer ‘Leather Special’ Is A Trainwreck, Netflix Subscribers Say

Amy Schumer: The Leather Special is going over like a lead balloon on Netflix.

The stand-up comedy video from the edgy Trainwreck star initially received a one-star rating from most Netflix subscribers but has recently inched its way up two stars. The vast majority of ratings seem to still be of the one-star variety (there is no zero-star category).

Quite a few users suggest that what they consider the very ordinary/disappointing special represents a downward spiral in Schumer’s career.

Earlier this month, the Inquisitr described Amy’s performance in The Leather Special as rushed, clumsily written, and excessively vulgar and lacking in continuity and subtext.

Schumer, a one-time Saturday Night Live host, originally reached the celebrity track on Comedy Central with her sketch series Inside Amy Schumer. The Trainwreck film, which she wrote and starred in, was a hit and resulted in a Golden Globe nomination for best actress in a comedy. The Leather Special is Amy Schumer’s first comedy special since 2015’s Live at the Apollo on HBO, which was directed by fellow comedian Chris Rock, as the Inquisitr previously noted.

Schumer received a Peabody Award for Inside Amy Schumer as well as a winning an Emmy for the series in 2015. Live at the Apollo received three Emmy nominations.

For whatever reason, Netflix makes it a challenge to locate reviews on movies and TV shows, but if you click on “Details” under the show listing, you should be able to see what your fellow Netflix subscribers think about The Leather Special, which has 1315 reviews as of this writing.

Among the representative reviews voted most helpful include this one.

“Love raunchy stand up. I have nothing against female comics, and have enjoyed Amy’s material in the past. I made it 10 minutes into this and shut it off. I was tired of waiting for an actual joke to be told. Instead she made noises, faces, and simply referenced her ‘cat’ smelling and tasting bad. Super edgy stuff right there. Groundbreaking.”

Amy Schumer Leather Special is a trainwreck according to Netflix users

Another subscriber chimed in with “SO BAD!! I did stay and watch the whole show in hopes that it would get better, and it didn’t. I felt like the same joke was being said over, and over again. Okay we get it that you have sex, but now can you talk about something else?”

Said another, “I’ve never reviewed anything on here before, but this was the worst insult to comedy I’ve ever watched. It was awkward, forced, and straight-up not funny.”

A digression: Amy Schumer has faced accusations that she stole jokes from other comedians, and the New York Post cut a VERY NSFW video comparing portions of her stand-up routine with that of the late Patrice O’Neal.

In the context of the negative reaction to The Leather Special, the Post“Decider” section pointed out that “Sadly, a chunk of these negative reviews can be attributed to misogyny — female comics are frequently criticized for making certain jokes that men make all the time — but a large percentage of these terrible reviews are being written by self-proclaimed Schumer supporters.”

Amy Schumer The Leather Special is a bomb

Since achieving stardom, Amy Schumer has the gone social justice warrior route with her support for gun control, criticism of President Trump, speech at the anti-Trump Women’s March, and so on, which is a thing in Hollywood circles. Before her ascendancy, however, Schumer made regular appearances on Red Eye, the Fox News Channel satirical talk show with a right-of-center sensibility about politics and pop culture, then hosted by Greg Gutfeld.

Red Eye, which continues to give a platform to lesser-known comedians, airs at 3 a.m. with current host Tom Shillue, an actor and comedian. Amy Schumer was not particularly political in her various appearances on Red Eye.

Snatched, Amy Schumer’s new movie with Goldie Hawn, premieres on May 12.

If you watched Amy Schumer: The Leather Show, how would you rate the comedy special?

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