‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis Panics Over Julian And Carly Threatens Liv

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode tease that things will be chaotic throughout Port Charles. Carly battled with Olivia after learning about her role in Morgan’s death and the last that everybody saw, she was considering shooting Liv. Julian is missing thanks to his sister’s antics, and Alexis is in a difficult position over all that has transpired. Sonny is looking for revenge and teasers note that the March 15 show will bring some moments with Kiki and Dillon as well.

Will Carly kill Liv? She certainly wants to after learning about her link to Morgan’s death, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that Olivia will manage to get out of this dire situation. Viewers will have to tune in to see how she manages it, but GH teasers from Soap Central detail that she’ll be going after Griffin again next week. As Carly is confronting Olivia at the cemetery, Sonny will be pushing for information from Rudge.

SheKnows Soaps shares that as Wednesday’s episode plays out, Sonny will feel certain that he knows what he needs to do, and this is surely referencing a desire to destroy Liv. He’ll push Rudge to reveal everything he needs to know, threatening that things will get ugly if he doesn’t. General Hospital spoilers note that Ava will end up at the police station, and as she talks with Dante, she’ll tell him that she’s afraid Liv might kill Julian. Alexis will burst in, frazzled, telling them that Olivia may have already done just that.

William deVry and Nancy Lee Grahn play Julian and Alexis on 'General Hospital'

Is Julian really dead? The show has gone with this type of mystery a couple of other times in recent months, with both Nikolas Cassadine and Morgan Corinthos being presumed dead with no body found. Given that, fans likely will not be happy if the series tries to pull this with Julian as well. While General Hospital spoilers do not yet reveal when Julian’s fate will be revealed, the buzz is that he will be popping up again at some point soon and that there may be hope for a “Julexis” reunion. Later this week, everybody will watch as Alexis reflects on her time with her estranged husband, perhaps going through the items he left behind for her.

Wednesday’s show also brings some time with Kiki and Dillon, and General Hospital spoilers share that there may be some obstacles on the way for their new romance. Previews show Dillon noting something about how they are over before they even started, and Kiki looks frustrated or dismayed by his declaration. Is Morgan going to be coming between them once again as talk about his supposed death sprouts up once more?

General Hospital spoilers also indicate that there are also scenes with Monica and Tracy coming up, as the two share a toast with one another, and many are bracing themselves for what is coming up soon for Tracy. As Daytime Confidential details, the rumors swirling about Jane Elliot feeling ready to leave her role as Quartermaine are seemingly turning out to be true, and it is expected that she’ll depart this spring.

Jane Elliot plays Tracy Quartermaine on 'General Hospital'

Elliot’s fans hope that the sudser can find a way to change her mind, as Jane has been in the role of Tracy for nearly 40 years and it’s hard to imagine her gone. However, General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central note that next week Tracy will get some type of unexpected offer and some have to wonder if this may be laying the groundwork for her departure.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that soon Nelle will be making it clear that she’s not going to be leaving Port Charles quite yet, despite all of the chaos she has caused. A preview shared by SheKnows Soaps tease that she will approach Nina asking if she can interview for the nanny position to help with Charlotte. Laura and Lulu are still desperate to win the custody battle against Valentin for Charlotte, and General Hospital spoilers note that Laura will be confronting Valentin over all of this soon. Will Nina hire Nelle as a nanny, giving her an excuse to stay in town and continue to shake things up, and will Valentin beat Lulu in the custody case?

Who will ultimately destroy Liv and what comes next for Alexis and Julian? Can Kiki and Dillon make their relationship work and will everybody really have to say goodbye to Tracy? While the March 15 episode will clearly focus a great deal on Carly and Sonny’s struggles in the wake of this Olivia revelation, General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty of additional action on the way and fans will not want to miss where things head next.

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