Nick Viall Slammed As ‘Terrible’ & ‘Narcissistic’ By Almost-‘Bachelor’ Luke Pell

The Bachelor star Nick Viall is being slammed by former The Bachelorette contestant Luke Pell as “narcissistic” and “terrible” after Nick notoriously pipped him to the post to become Season 21’s Bachelor.

Pell had some serious fighting words for Nick following his most recent stint on The Bachelor, which wrapped on March 13 and saw Viall propose to fiancé Vanessa Grimaldi. Luke made it clear that he’s certainly no fan of Viall’s while seemingly starting a nasty feud with the reality star.

“Based on the unsolicited feedback I’ve gotten from people, this season has been terrible,” Luke told In Touch Weekly of how he really feels about Nick shortly after Viall’s season of The Bachelor wrapped, before the former The Bachelorette contestant took serious aim Nick for sashaying his way onto the Dancing with the Stars dance floor for Season 24.

“[Nick] could have ended this season and [gone back to a normal life],” Luke pointed out of Viall’s upcoming stint on DWTS while confirming their feud, “but instead he chose to do the most narcissistic thing you can do, which is Dancing with the Stars. I think that makes a statement.”

But Luke certainly wasn’t done there when it came to igniting his feud with Nick following his stint on The Bachelor, as Luke then went on to allude to the fact that Viall, who had previously appeared on two seasons of The Bachelorette and one season of Bachelor in Paradise, infamously replaced him as Season 21’s Bachelor at zero hour last year.

Luke Pell is slamming 'The Bachelor's Nick Viall with some scathing feud-worthy comments

“I definitely would have made a better Bachelor,” Luke said amid his feud with Nick. “I’m one of the most genuine and honest people.”

As The Bachelor and The Bachelorette fans will likely remember, Luke was all-but-confirmed to be the next Bachelor after failing to find love with last season’s Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher, but Pell was then suddenly dropped by the ABC dating show at the very last minute to make way for Viall.

Nick Viall was officially announced as the new Bachelor after weeks of secrecy following The Bachelorette finale, shortly after which Luke Pell told Us Weekly that he was confirmed as the show’s leading man right up until the last second when he was then informed that Nick would be taking his place.

“[We] had agreed to the contracts and everything was moving forward,” Luke revealed of how he was suddenly dropped for Nick last September, admitting that he got a call from ABC producers the night before he was supposed to head to Los Angeles to start filming to be told that the show was instead going with Viall.

Luke then revealed, “they said ABC had decided to quote-unquote go in a different direction,” and instead, got Nick onboard.

“I had my bags packed and everything… Everything was moving forward,” the former The Bachelorette star continued about how he was suddenly replaced by Nick without warning. “Everyone on the production level was expecting it to be me, as well,” Pell added.

Nick Viall of 'The Bachelor' may be caught in a feud with former 'The Bachelorette' star Luke Pell

However, Luke never got the chance to once again look for love on reality TV after Nick was announced as the next Bachelor last September, although Pell still wasn’t far from fan’s minds as they watched Viall look for love over the past few months.

A number of viewers took to social media to show their support for Luke as Nick’s season played out prior to their reported feud boiling over this week, with many claiming during the big finale that Nick’s runner-up Raven Gates would have found love with Pell had he been looking for love on the show.

“I’m honestly so mad Nick was the bachelor. If it had been Luke like it was supposed to, Raven would be engaged now,” Twitter user @DHilyyy tweeted out of Pell after seeing Viall pick Grimaldi in the season finale.

“Still pissed that Luke wasn’t the bachelor. RAVEN AND LUKE WOULD HAVE BEEN SO CUTE,” @shaylanbrittany added following Nick’s season, while The Bachelor fan @BreeezzyTurner tweeted following Viall’s decision to propose to Vanessa, “If Luke was the bachelor Raven would have been chosen???? #BachelorNation.”

What do you think of Luke Pell starting a serious feud with Nick Viall following his season of The Bachelor?

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