Woman Suing Disney Cruise Line For Failing To Warn Of Its Hazardous Bathroom

Traveling and going on vacation can be filled with a number of questions that remain unanswered, but one would think that some are easily figured out. One family was left unaware of a few things when heading out on their Disney Cruise Line sailing last year, and it has resulted in a lawsuit being brought against the company. Apparently, they felt as if Disney should have further informed them of the dangers of their hazardous bathroom conditions.

According to Florida Record, a woman named Alicia Rowland is suing Disney Cruise Line after her child was injured on a sailing that took place in March of last year. Rowland claims her child, T.R., was injured in a bathroom on the Disney Dream after the company failed to keep the ship maintained in a safe fashion.

The complaint was filed on Feb. 27, 2017, in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Orlando Division. In the complaint, negligence is alleged against Magical Cruise Co. Limited which is doing business as Disney Cruise Line, and it was brought by Alicia Rowland, the child’s legal guardian and birth parent.

disney cruise line sued lawsuit hazardous bathroom conditions

In the complaint brought against Disney Cruise Line, it is stated that the minor child suffered physical injuries when he tripped and fell in a bathroom inside the family’s onboard stateroom. During his fall, T.R. hit his cheek on a piece of sharp metal stripping which is placed on the side of the bathtub.

First off, Rowland is bringing the complaint against DCL and Magical Cruise Co. Limited because they did not keep their ship in a “safe condition for passengers.” Furthermore, they believe there should have been a warning which was failed to be given to them regarding the tub.

Rowland is seeking a jury trial and is looking for judgment against Disney Cruise Line for damages, interest, and further relief that the courts may decide to grant.

As of this time, Disney has not commented publicly on the situation. This is far from the first time that Disney has had to deal with lawsuits brought against them, especially on their cruise line sailings.

disney cruise line sued lawsuit hazardous bathroom conditions

In March of last year, Inquisitr reported about a man who was on one of Disney’s fleet of ships and getting ready for dinner one night. As he was getting dressed and prepared, he was standing near the hallway door of a cabin and had his thumb position on the door’s frame.

The man’s wife had her foot propping the door open, but she removed it and it automatically began to close which slammed shut on his thumb. All of the stateroom doors on the four ships in the Disney Cruise Line fleet are weighted and automatically close.

The door slamming shut on his thumb actually severed it from his hand and he was not able to see a doctor other than in the ship’s infirmary for two days. By that time, doctors advised him it was too late to reattach the thumb.

Upon filing his lawsuit against Disney Cruise Line, the man also stated that Disney failed to maintain their cruise cabin doors in a safe manner and also failed to warn people of the dangers associated with them.

As lawsuits are brought against companies such as Disney Cruise Line, travelers can expect more safety warnings issued and posted.

Disney Cruise Line has countless safety regulations, meetings, warnings, and advisories all around their different ships. They also send out a number of documents to give information about the sailings that guests will go on. This lawsuit and being sued by Alicia Rowland may likely bring about even more warnings and advisory information since it may be necessary to let passengers know about their possible hazardous bathroom conditions.

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