Kylie Jenner Nude Photo? Jenner Reportedly Part Of Larger Celebrity Nude Leak

Kylie Jenner is rumored to be part of a celebrity nude photo leak that has apparently already hit a handful of other celebrities.

The reality television star has been named in a list of alleged celebrity victims that has floated around the internet since late on Tuesday. The first of these photos have reportedly been released, with nude pictures of Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried circulating across social media.

These pictures were connected to a larger rumored leak, but their authenticity seemed to get a boost early on Wednesday when representatives for Emma Watson confirmed that at least some of the pictures were legitimate. The representative confirmed that private photos of Watson were stolen, but said none of them showed the actress nude.

“Photos from a clothes fitting Emma had with a stylist a couple of years ago have been stolen. They are not nude photographs,” the representative said (via the Telegraph). “Lawyers have been instructed and we are not commenting further.”

The reported leak came on the same day the reports claimed a sex tape featuring actress Mischa Barton was also being shopped around. It was not clear if the two were connected, but Barton responded to the reports with a threat of legal action against anyone leaking the video.

As the Telegraph report noted, the alleged nude photos of Kylie Jenner and more than a dozen other celebrities had originated on the so-called “dark web.”

“Many on Twitter and on Reddit have said there are pictures of the actress on the ‘dark web’ – an encrypted network that allows users to exchange often illegal information and services without identifying themselves,” the report noted. “Others have said the photographs are on 4Chan, a message board in which the anonymous posts delete themselves shortly after being submitted.”

The list that claimed Kylie Jenner was part of the nude photo leak appears to have also come from 4Chan, and there is no verification that the list is correct.

Some online are comparing the nude photo leak to the larger celebrity leak in 2014, which targeted dozens of celebrities including Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence. That case drew national attention and even an FBI investigation, eventually leading to the conviction of a 36-year-old Pennsylvania man for hacking into celebrity email accounts by either guessing or getting them to give up passwords.

That incident was dubbed “The Fappening” online, and some have taken to calling this week’s incident “The Fappening 2” or “The Fappening 2.0.” However, so far, there is no proof that the pictures leaked online are legitimate or part of a larger hacking incident.

Kylie Jenner had long been the center of celebrity rumors, including reports that she and boyfriend Tyga had recorded a sex tape that was being shopped around. As Hollywood Life reported at the time, the couple had a $10 million offer for the video, but he reportedly wanted to hold out for more.

“He understands that the industry wants to see them get down and dirty in one big explosive sex tape. He’s down to do that, but he wants more than $10 million… For Tyga to do this, he’s looking for some serious meal tickets and knows he and Kylie can command way more than $10 million. He thinks that offer should be doubled for how he’s willing to get down on film.”

Those reports were shot down, and no such video ever emerged online.

While the alleged pictures of Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson have appeared online — even in censored form — the nude pictures of Kylie Jenner do not appear to have actually leaked.

[Featured Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]