Auntie Fee Died? Still Alive Despite Reports, Snoop Dogg Says ‘Pray For Her’

Rumors that Auntie Fee died are circulating around the internet on Wednesday, following several false reports Tuesday night. Internet cooking sensation Felicia A. O’Dell, better known by her fans as Auntie Fee, suffered a massive heart attack on Tuesday, as confirmed by family. Auntie Fee is still on life support and hanging on despite a rumor that the 59-year-old “Chef Sista Girl” had died.

The Auntie Fee Facebook page reassured hundreds of thousands of followers early Wednesday morning that she is “not dead” and asked fans to continue to pray. One Auntie Fee fan, Snoop Dogg, even tweeted on Tuesday night to “Pray. For her. She is still here.”

TMZ started the rumor on Tuesday evening that Auntie Fee had died, in a report that can now only be viewed as a cache. The false report triggered several more false reports that quickly sent Auntie Fee fans to social media to say “RIP #Auntie Fee” and to wish her family condolences.

Falsely, according to TMZ, family members of Auntie Fee had reportedly confirmed to them that she had died around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in California, after “feeling sick all weekend.” The report goes on to say that Auntie Fee had been having chest pains and vomiting at her Los Angeles home, symptoms that were later diagnosed as a heart attack.

The false report was quickly pulled from TMZ and replaced two hours later with an updated and more accurate report, but not before the Auntie Fee death rumor had already made its way across social media.

As soon as TMZ published the report on Tuesday that Auntie Fee was “whipping up some ‘good a** chicken’ for God now,” fans were already flooding the “Felicia O’Dell Auntie Fee” YouTube channel with we “miss you” messages. Cooking with Auntie Fee has over 500,000 YouTube subscribers who were shocked by the news that she had died, saying in video comments that “I just read that auntie fee just passed away from a heart attack! It’s on TMZ.”

After acknowledging their mistake, TMZ shared on Facebook that Auntie Fee is “still fighting for her life,” which was later confirmed on the Felicia Auntie Fee O’Dell Facebook page, with a message to fans that said “Auntie fee is not dead, Just keep praying y’all.” Auntie Fee fans are confused as to why they are still “seeing all over the place” that Auntie Fee died, adding that other news media outlets have also reported her passing.

One Auntie Fee Facebook follower posted, “It’s not just TMZ that is reporting it…BET, E! News, Perez Hilton, Love B. Scott, and others have reported her passing. Chris Brown even tweeted out RIP.”

Another celebrity Auntie Fee fan, Snoop Dogg, tried to clear up the Auntie Fee death rumor confusion on Twitter, after also mistakenly tweeting out that Auntie Fee had died of a heart attack at 59. Snoop Dogg, who’s currently receiving bad press for a controversial video involving a toy gun and a Trump clown character, as shared by the Guardian, followed up his first tweet with another tweet, saying that Auntie Fee is “still here.”

Hip Hop Vibe also confirmed on Wednesday that Auntie Fee “did not die last night” and is still on life support in critical condition. The report goes on to say that Auntie Fee became a viral YouTube personality after her wildly popular and foul-mouthed cooking videos caught the attention of talk show host Steve Harvey, as well as talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Auntie Fee’s YouTube channel has been ongoing since July 2014, with a new video titled “Auntie Fee Arts Wings and Things Review” uploaded just over a week ago. The nearly six-minute video has Auntie Fee pausing to catch her breath after playing for just a few seconds — a possible precursor to the near-fatal heart attack she suffered on Tuesday. Five days after that video was uploaded to YouTube, Auntie Fee took to Facebook to tell her fans that she wasn’t “feeling too well” but hoped she would feel better tomorrow, ending the post with “love y’all.”

[Featured Image by Auntie Fee/Facebook]