‘Marines United’ Naked Photos: 55 Marines Named In Facebook Group Fallout

The fallout from the “Marines United” naked photo-sharing scandal continues well into Wednesday, March 15. As reported by Task & Purpose, whereas initial reports spoke of female Marines having their naked photos circulated via closed Facebook groups called “Marines United,” “Marines United 2.0,” and “Marines United 3.0,” more revelations about non-Marines having their naked photos circulated via the Facebook groups is breaking as well.

The latest Facebook post from Task & Purpose about the “Marines United” naked photo scandal has garnered hundreds of reactions and about 30 comments as of this writing. Plenty of those comments feature folks who are defending the “Marines United” Facebook group members by writing about the prevalence of porn online and noting that the Marines aren’t the only branch of the military who has shared naked photos. Others, however, are leaving comments about just how wrong it is to use “revenge porn” photos, including those taken for an ex-boyfriend who then spread them around without the permission of the subject in the naked photos. One particular comment featured a woman claiming that a Marine member took photos of her without her consent.

Brittney Krall: “I can’t wait until the daughter of the male Marine who took videos of me in my barracks room without my knowledge is old enough so I can tell her how f***ing gross and pathetic her dad is.”

Military officials appeared before lawmakers to discuss the “Marines United” Facebook group scandal, as well as a culture that might allow such naked photo sharing to thrive. According to Task & Purpose, it wasn’t only female members of the Marines who had their naked photos shared by the “Marines United” Facebook group; civilians have been victims as well. The publication noted one woman’s alleged continued harassment by members in her community due to her ex-boyfriend, a Marine, who shared a nude photo of her via the “Marines United” Facebook group.

More shocking allegations reported by the Task & Purpose website include the allegations from a Marine veteran that claimed a Marine live-streamed himself having sex with a civilian directly to the “Marines United” Facebook group without his sex partner’s knowledge. The publication noted that they could not independently verify the shocking claim.

Meanwhile, according to the New York Times, the veteran Marine named Thomas Brennan, the Marine veteran who is being credited with being the first journalist to blow the “Marines United” Facebook scandal wide open, has reportedly given the names of 55 Marines to investigators. Those 55 Marines reportedly hold ranks as high as major, but it isn’t know what will happen as a result of that investigation.

According to Google’s suggestions, the searches accompanying “Marines United” at this time include “Marines United Reddit” and “Marines United 4Chan.” The latest buzz on Reddit about the “Marines United” scandal includes folks sharing the latest investigative news or asking for general reactions to the “Marines United” Facebook scandal. There’s also the famous and closed thread titled “I shut down Marines United” on Reddit.

Brennan himself has faced criticism, according to Reveal, about his alleged comments on 4Chan, an anonymous forum.

One email’s subject line received by the publication read, “Heaveans [sic] to betsy, Thomas Brennan has such a potty mouth.”

The 4Chan tipsters pointed to comments allegedly left by Brennan that included lewd comments about naked photos of women.

As seen in the top photo above, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., asked questions of Marine Gen. Robert B. Neller. The hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee about the “Marines United” Facebook group scandal took place on Tuesday, March 14, on Capitol Hill in Washington.

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