‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 83: Official Spoilers Released

Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 will follow this week’s episode, and it will take place after the conclusion of the special pre-tournament exhibition match for the Omni-King. While the official title for DBS Episode 83 has been released for a while now, the spoilers for the upcoming episode have recently been revealed by the Japanese publication, Weekly Shonen Jump.

The official summary for Dragon Ball Super Episode 83, titled “For the Universe 7 Team! Who are the Strongest Ten?!” was translated by notable DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship, who noted that the teaser included several hanging statements. Here are the most recent spoilers for DBS Episode 83.

“Goku searches for members for the Tournament of Power, but…?! Goku’s battle with Toppo has made him realize just how formidable their opponents will be! Once Goku and the others return to Earth, they immediately start scouting out members to enter the Tournament of Power, but…?!

“Vegeta this week: With his daughter about to be born, he can’t calm down! Goku and company approach Vegeta about entering the tournament, but he still refuses. It seems the reason is that Bulma is about to give birth, but…?!”

The meaning behind the official spoiler’s incomplete sentences remains unknown, but avid fans of the franchise are speculating that DBS Episode 83 might feature some surprising twists. Over the course of the hit anime series, fans of Dragon Ball Super have noted that whenever hanging statements are included in official spoilers, several unexpected events usually happen in the episode.

With this in mind, it appears that the DBS Episode 83 might not be a simple, conventional build-up episode. Instead, it might very well feature some important plot points that could prove pivotal later on in the Universe Survival Arc.

One of the most notable things about the recently-translated preview for Dragon Ball Super could be seen in the first few sentences of the teaser. The results of Goku’s battle against Toppo have not been revealed yet, but previous spoilers have stated that the Grand Priest would be stopping the fight before an absolute winner could be decided. Despite this, however, the DBS Episode 82 spoiler appears to suggest that the results of Goku and Toppo’s skirmish might not end well for the Saiyan.

Previews of Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 feature scenes of Goku being forced on the defensive against Toppo. While the mighty U11 warrior appeared to have been in awe by the power of Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue form, a notable scene in the preview featured Toppo holding the Saiyan in a lock with his massive, oversized arms. With these scenes in mind, many DBS fans in online forums such as Reddit are speculating that the Grand Priest would stop the two fighters’ battle at the point where Goku is being choked by the leader of the Pride Troopers.

Thus, while their fight did not reach a significant conclusion, there is a pretty good chance that Toppo’s power would somewhat humble Goku, resulting in the carefree fighter taking the upcoming battle more seriously. Of course, recruiting the best fighters for the Tournament of Power would not be as simple as it seems, with previous episode title leaks stating that characters such as Android 17 would not be easy to find.

As for the spoiler regarding Vegeta and his reluctance to participate in the upcoming battle, it appears that the Saiyan Prince is still oblivious to the rules of the Tournament of Power. Thus, his primary focus at the moment remains with his wife and unborn child, Bulla. Considering that Universe 7 is at risk of being eliminated in a few days if Goku’s team does not win the Tournament of Power. However, it would be interesting to see how Vegeta would react to the news of the competition’s rules. If any, the stakes of the Tournament of Power would motivate the powerful Saiyan to fight like never before, especially since he would be fighting for the survival of his growing family.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 will air on March 26. The hit anime series, after its week-long break, will return to Japanese television this coming Sunday, March 19.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]