Animal Adventure Park April Update: Giraffe ‘Waiting’ Out Storm, Labor ‘Close’

This morning, Animal Adventure Park gave another April update after a snowstorm hit the New York area that brought cold temperatures and a couple of feet of the fluffy (read: annoying) white stuff.

April, a pregnant giraffe, has become quite the internet sensation over the past few weeks. Animal Adventure Park in New York had a pretty epic idea and decided to put a camera outside of April’s stall to film her before and during labor and to give viewers an incredible first-hand look at a giraffe having a baby. The camera rolls 24/7, and the live feed is up on YouTube (you can check it out at the bottom of this article).

Millions of people around the globe have checked in on April, and well over 100,000 people watch her throughout the day. Have you been tuning into the live stream?

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Animal Adventure Park has been great about giving an April update at least twice a day. They have used their Facebook page to post the latest changes in April as she prepares to birth her fourth calf. Over the past few days, the giraffe has definitely showcased signs that she is “close” to going into labor but hasn’t “officially” gone into labor just yet.

“We remain in a holding pattern. No significant change from this morning or last night, though all signs are still present – suggesting we are at the end of the pregnancy. Slight discharge, swelling, pulsing, etc. Keepers reported that baby is very active this evening,” read an Animal Adventure Park update on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday morning, zookeepers let everyone know that April and her mate, Oliver, were safe and warm inside the barn and that April’s condition hadn’t changed too much over the past 24 hours. Personnel at Animal Adventure Park are grateful that the giraffe didn’t go into labor during the snowstorm and are hoping to have workers (and vets) travel safely to and from the zoo before the calf makes an appearance, which could be any day now.

“April is doing what she does best and waiting, and we are thankful! April and Oliver are doing well in their heated barn, while 2-3′ of snow encapsulate the property. All other stock is sheltered in place and comfortable. April’s condition remains the same as days prior, for which we are thankful,” read the post on the Animal Adventure Park Facebook page.

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Animal Adventure Park had a few camera signal glitches throughout Tuesday’s snowstorm, but the live feed managed to stay up for most of the day. As you can imagine, the zoo has been inundated with messages and emails about their internet sensation. Because of this, Animal Adventure Park has made it clear that they won’t be responding as quickly to “nonessential emails and inquiries.”

“During this busy time, updates will be kept short and nonessential emails and inquiries will be addressed when appropriate.”

It is clear that the zoo is focused on their pregnant giraffe, and they are doing everything they can to make sure that she’s healthy and progressing in the right direction. Meanwhile, fans have been posting several messages of gratitude to zoo employees on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

As Animal Adventure Park has mentioned, April is a “pro” as she has done this three times in the past. She is doing her thing and will give birth when the time is right. Her actual due date is unknown.

The world is watching, April. No pressure!

[Featured Image by Animal Adventure Park/Instagram]