Kesha Reveals All At SXSW 2017: Eating Disorder, Internet Trolls, Living Nude

Rejoice, Kesha and nudity fans! The “Cannibal” singer may strip down to reveal her naked body soon! The “Tik Tok” singer wants to become a nudist and commit herself to living naked. No clothes involved!

Kesha had plenty to talk about during her Refinery 29 and Kesha Discuss Reclaiming the Internet SXSW talk on Tuesday, but her headline-making sexual assault lawsuit against producer Dr. Luke was referenced only indirectly, according to Billboard.

Instead, Kesha focused her SXSW interview on discussing her eating disorder, slamming internet trolls, talking about cats, lions having sex, and living nude! Kesha opened up about being bullied as a kid at school and said she feels “nervous” for young people out there who face bullying from internet trolls on a daily basis.

Since bullying became the foundation of current online culture, Kesha told SXSW that the biggest problem with the internet today is that people are putting too much power in negative trolls and letting them control their lives and how they perceive themselves.

“You’re making people you don’t know your higher power.”

Kesha admitted that she herself is no stranger to making negative trolls and bullies she had never met before “the truth, the higher power.” And that’s a major problem in today’s world.

Kesha also spoke about her struggles with an eating disorder. The “Tik Tok” singer opened up about her battle with body dysmorphia and bulimia, which she says almost killed her.

“I almost died. I came closer than I ever knew. By the time I entered rehab, they were surprised I hadn’t had a stroke – because I hadn’t consumed enough.”

And while Kesha, holding back the tears at the emotionally charged SXSW event, admitted that feeling “a certain way” about yourself “can kill you,” the “Cannibal” signer assures that she is not “ashamed” of talking about her eating disorder anymore, according to the Guardian.

“It’s emotional because it’s a deep-rooted disease. It can really affect your self-worth.”

But not the entire SXSW discussion with Kesha was tear-jerking and depressing, as the 30-year-old singer also talked about animal sex and living naked. Kesha revealed that she was on safari in Africa when she turned 30-years-old on March 1, and she saw two lions having sex.

“And I was like, ‘I think my 30s are gonna be dope!’”

In fact, Kesha apparently loved lions having wild sex so much she decided to one day live on an island “full of cats.” And preferably for her to be nude in the process. All the time.

“If you live like a nudist for two days, you get over it. It’s a boob.”

Kesha also announced that her new album is in the works and that she has more than 80 songs already recorded. In the past several years, the “Tik Tok” singer has been unable to release any of her songs due to the ongoing and heated sexual lawsuit against her producer. Although Kesha stopped short of referencing the lawsuit directly, she assured fans that in her new tracks she is “speaking honestly about the s**t I’ve been through in life.”

“For the first time ever, without anyone dictating anything — it’s just me speaking directly from my gut.”

Kesha wrapped her SXSW discussion by talking about her “f**k you” list. But it’s not a list of people that the “Cannibal” singer would like to have sex with when she’s living nude on an island full of cats – no, far from it.

Kesha’s “f**k you” list consists of all the people that doubt her and try to get in the way and the people that have been “horrible” to her.

“I have this mental place I put them all. It’s my ‘f**k you’ list.”

Kesha also assured that she would never let “hate” win. And to make that happen, the 30-year-old singer says she is going to “spread love for the rest of my life.”

“My goal is to be remembered for being a positive human being that did positive things to other people.”

[Featured Image by Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]